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Vibrational marketing is of a higher level than normal marketing. Since everything happens by communication between consciousness to consciousness, think about how people who would want your product may find you. You would then realize that the key is to act in inspired ways because that is what would cause you to send your message to the right places, and in the right form to the right people who are ready for it. Vibrational marketing goes straight for the core and is more natural and simpler.

Vibrational marketing is about authentic self expression. Speak what comes from the heart. Make the message purer, cleaner and simpler while still conveying the full story but without distortion or with as little of it as possible. You are here to express yourself, and even your marketing is a way by which you are expressing yourself, so why resort to merely using fixed methods created by others or merely copying another’s successful style? Express yourself authentically in your own way in your marketing, and you will feel happier and more fulfilled. What comes from the heart goes to the heart. Your message would be most powerful when it is truly your message.

Know the Yang (Masculine Principle of Force) but follow the Yin (Feminine Principle of Flow). Know all the powerful methods and techniques of marketing, but follow what you feel is most suitable and authentic for you to use in communicating what you are offering in the most positive light. Just because something has proven to work very well in selling another product, another business or person, doesn’t mean you should use it for yourself. Know what works but do what feels best and feels right for you.

All cooperative components have been drawn. Which means if you have something you are marketing, and you’ve been wanting people to find it, wanting people to buy it, and wanting people to have benefit of it and wanting you to feel benefit of it, and you’ve been doing it for a long time, your point of attraction is very strong. And so the question is are you a cooperative component? Because your customers already are! And that’s the thing that most don’t understand in marketing. They apply the majority of their marketing tactics and techniques from their perspective of what’s not working, which holds them apart from what is working.

The flawed premise is thinking you can act your way there rather than vibrate your way there. The flawed premise is you need to control these hard to control things, and when you get them all controlled, then you’ll be in the vortex. But you just can’t get there from there. Mastery of the world cannot be gained by trying to control things. Mastery can only be gained by letting things go their own way. Because that allows you to relax and be free, and allow things to fall into place naturally. When you intend and let things go their own way, you operate at no resistance and master circumstances.

The marketing campaign you are launching is not to attract the millions to your product, they have already been attracted. The marketing campaign is to attract you. The way you do it is talking about the beauty of it, talking about how good it feels, lining up with it, pretending it is already done. It is not the exact form or packaging of the product that truly matters, but it is striking the vibrational core of what people are looking for. The laws of the universe are responding to the vibrational core. The principles for you to do really well with the offering of something are: “You must adore it yourself and you must believe completely in the value of it and the benefit to others.” And when you are there, those who are looking for the benefit it offers will flock to it, and you will be right there to welcome them.

The law of attraction will bring to you those who are in alignment with your product. If you are in alignment with it, there it stands as a testament to your vibrational alignment, and when you stand there with it radiating real time vibrational alignment with it, your attraction power is multiplied by thousands maybe by hundreds of thousands. But if you stand there with the product doing all the pulling power with your desire but at the same time you are resisting its pulling power with your negative expectation, then there is a push and pull, and that’s why you find indecision among the people. They are drawn but can’t quite get in. When you line up with what you’ve got, there will be a current that you will be presenting that will call people who are on the brink of alignment right into alignment, and they see it and feel it, they will be moved by their desire to have it near them always.

When your appreciation for something is imbued in your vibration, you are broadcasting a vibrational signal that attracts attention to it. It is the way you feel that is your point of attraction. You have to get in sync, you have to be real time, you have to be present in the now. You have to get in vibrational sync with who you are in order to radiate the signal that is dynamic enough that others will feel it. When you are in sync with the vibration of your vortex, you’re radiating a signal that is broadcasted so much further and so much wider. It is like an advertisement in the sky, it is someone out there advocating on your behalf, it’s not just your inner being, All-That-Is that is advocating that which you are. When you doing it God’s way, God Himself is your promoter.

So when you get into the vortex and you are a vibrational match to that, watch what happens. That’s why the people who are hot, are hot. That’s why the best selling products are best selling. That’s why the popular songs are popular. It has little to do with anything other than what all of that is causing you to do in terms of your vibrational broadcast. Believe in yourself and allow your own true shine to emanate naturally from you without being artificially something else, but be free to be truly you.

Every word that you use has a psychological and a vibrational effect. If your marketing message is full of trigger words, then it is full of energy and power to create the effect that you want. All it has to do, in order for it to be right, is to feel right. If sending people there does not obtain much result, then it is the channel by which you are sending people there from that is not working. You don’t have to doubt the effectiveness of the message, simply change the channel. Let things have their natural fit.

Combine mental and physical power. Most people fail by separating mental power from personal action. They use the power of mind at one place and time, and then they act at another place and time. So their actions are inefficient and unsuccessful. But if all power both mental and physical goes into every act, that act will be a success in itself. And it what you do is a series of successful actions, your ultimate result will inevitably be success. Before doing it, align with it, or make a decision and then make it the right decision by lining up with it, and making it feel good. Seek alignment first and then take action, instead of taking action first and then hoping succeed.

Vibrational Marketing is also Inspired Marketing. God has a message that he wants you to share to the world. It comes to you through what you are inspired to share and in the form you are inspired to share it. When you do not use the words and expressions that are most authentic in sharing it, you distort the message, and it doesn’t feel most right to you. When you do it God’s way in the way you are really inspired to share it, it feels most right to you. Any action that is inspired from aligned thought is always pleasurable and will lead to ultimately positive results. You will also be more comfortable with telling others about what you do when what they see is the authentic message that you are displaying to them.

When you use authentic communication, you have more vibrational alignment with what you are speaking, and this leads to a better impression in the minds of people and will achieve more positive results overall. Communication that is more authentic will also win the favor of customers and business partners who would otherwise be reluctant to promote you because of their lack of alignment with your communication. This will open more doors in the long run. Favor and truth are one. So speak the truth, which means speak in a way that is true to you. When you speak from the heart and communicate authentically, you’re speaking as God is speaking through you.

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