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Life has a divine meaning and everything lives for that divine meaning whether it realizes it or not. You are to believe with utmost simplicity and with complete faith that there is a pattern of your being, or a real spirit of you, which is as eternal as God, as indestructible as Reality, and changeless as Truth. This pattern is seeking to manifest through you. Back of it is all the will and purpose of the universe, all the irresistible laws of being. Finally it will win. Therefore good will triumph over evil ultimately.

Everything is created by Logos which means reason. The reason is to experience, to be and to live. This reason is the emotive force for life. It is because it is there that you have these irresistible urges, the longing to live more fully, the feeling that life belongs to you. There is something within you beyond all doubt and fear, something which has never been limited by your acts or destroyed by your feeling. This is the only something that can make you whole. When you flow with it you will reach fullness.

The creative urge exists not only in human beings but also in everything that is in nature. It is impossible to escape this creative urge. Everything must find fulfillment or perish. Man did not create life. He is something that lives in, from and by it. He cannot escape life or the necessity of giving expression to it through living. Therefore to live is to create. You create by expressing that which brings you joy. You are not meant to live a life of fulfilling basic needs only, but to experience the fullness of creative life.

Create or perish is the eternal mandate of nature. Be constructive or become frustrated, is an equal demand. That is what work is for. Work is not a curse. It is the curse of the law that causes the fruits of work to become hindered. But Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law. The wages of sin is death, but the eternal life of God removes all death. Man was created to cultivate the earth, to be fruitful and multiply. The work was a creative work. Man’s work is the work of God which is joyously good.

We are all some part of a universal order. The very urge for personal gratification is incomplete until it finds a universal outlet. This is the cause back of all upheavals in human history. The pattern is trying to fit the pieces into greater and greater units as though it could not accomplish its purpose through anything other than a union of all. You feel fulfilled when you’re able to express your individual work in such a way can benefit everyone in the world. Every work is meant to be integrated with all other work.

Your soul belongs to the universe. Your mind is an outlet through which the Creative Intelligence of the universe seeks fulfillment. God created you to do His work, and the work which you enjoy doing and are inspired to do, is His work. God and you are one. There is no differentiation. Both are of the same Will. When you recognize that, you recognize your True Self. Being true to yourself is the same as being true to God. God does not continue creating without you because he created you to be a co-creator.

There is a divine pattern that exists in all nature. This pattern is your complete self. You never find completion with what you do by doing it as a separate thing unto itself. You find completion by doing it in such a way and knowing how it fits into the universal scheme of things. You find completion by doing things with a sense of higher and large purpose. That is because nothing stands alone, and your desires are the desires of your complete self. Everyone seeks enlightenment and to live it out in all they do.

Every man is a doorway through which the Infinite passes into the finite, through which God becomes man, through which the Universal becomes individual. All of God’s riches are manifested through your personal prosperity. All of God’s power and glory is manifested through your self empowerment and growth in life. All of God’s wisdom is manifested through your evolution of consciousness and increase of intelligence. When you are conscious of unity, you are in grace. Otherwise you’re living in the flesh.

This great thing within you, which is called will or choice, can decide your destiny. It can remove every obstruction and gradually implant new patterns. Although the divine imperative exists, trouble and destruction still can come because of a divided mind. God does not automatically disallow or wipe away all bad from happening just because he is complete good. The gift of freewill is included in his will of complete good. It would be a lesser good if God made everything good without individual will playing a part.

Life has given man an intuitive sense of things. It has permitted him to evolve through countless ages of trial and error to the day of his redemption, always knowing that this redemption is certain. The greatest gift Life could have made to you is yourself. You are a spontaneous, self-choosing center in Life, in the great drama of being, the great joy of becoming. Life will be to you what you are to it. Therefore first be what you want to have and you will have it. Create by following the intuitive urges of the divine.

The Lord has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant. It is the will of God that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers. Those who think that God isn’t interested in your prosperity but only in your spirituality have a misconceived notion of what spirituality is. They don’t even know God truly or fully. God’s divine desire is for you to be blessed and to be a blessing by doing his work. His work is a blessing and the fruits of his work are a blessing to you, and everyone else. It increases life for all.