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God is the most important thing we need to seek in life as a human being. But it seems like the hardest and most undesirable thing to do when we do not go about it the natural way. Most people have it bottom up when it comes to seeking God. They don’t know what it really means to seek God first. Seeking God first means that we place God as our ultimate goal in everything we do. But it doesn’t mean that we give up on our dreams in order to pursue the spiritual path by which we think we would find God.

God is to be found in the most natural way. You seek God by following your passion. That is because Spirit leads you by the desires of your heart. God’s purpose for you is communicated to you through your natural passions. Feeling is the frequency of divine direction. You find God’s will by knowing your true will. God’s will and the will of your spirit are one. Go for whatever you truly desire to do in life whether be it painting, singing, building, selling, teaching, etc. Your passion is what God created you to do.

There are people who think that seeking God and following your passion are two separate things. They try to seek God without following their passion, and that’s why they never seem to find God much, and neither do they enjoy it much. Such thinking is of the greatest ignorance. No one can find God fully without following their passion. God exists at the frequency of joy and fulfillment of the heart’s natural desires. Only one who is happily living the life they love can experience and embrace God in the full way.

The way to seek God is to go with the stream. There’s only one stream in life and that’s the stream of wellbeing. It’s the attainment of wealth, health and happiness. When you pursue wealth, health and happiness, you are going with the stream. When you go against your natural desires by abstaining from attaining these so called material things under the misguided notion of seeking God, you are going against the stream. It doesn’t feel good being poor, not treating your body well, not living the life you love.

You do not have to go out of your way to seek God. All you have to do is to follow what is in front of you. You life interest is what is currently before you. Do you wish to pursue learning a certain subject? Do you wish you try a certain vocation? Do you wish to start a business? Do you wish to visit a certain country? Whatever that is right before you, go for it. You don’t have to drop what is before you in order to seek that which is many steps behind it. Look at what’s at hand instead of dimly in the distance.

The higher thoughts of life naturally come after you are living your passion and attaining the things you desire. You would start to think about how what you do plays a part in the grand scheme of the universe. You would start to think about how you are serving God with what you do. Then you would start to learn more about God, the universe and life. This is how following your passion is the process to seeking God naturally. The small part must be complete before it can be seen in the light of the bigger things.

Go from the lower to the higher things. You would find it hard to care about the higher things when the lower things are not taken care off. In the human hierarchy of needs, the lower needs have to be taken care off before the higher needs can be properly worked upon. When the physiological, safety, love and esteem needs have been taken care off, then self actualization can be properly given focus to. Fulfill your desire of living the life you love and you’ll have freedom to think about God and universal scheme.

When you are in a vocation that you do not love, you would not be thinking how you are serving the greater good of humanity because you would be wishing that you were doing something else instead. When the standard of your life is unsatisfactory, you wouldn’t be thinking about what a joy it is to be living for God because you would be wishing that God changed the state of your life right now instead. God creates the life where you can seek him freely by you co-creating it through the following of passion.

Follow the natural order of things. It is easy and effortless. The simple way is to follow your heart and do what you want. Live life on your own terms and not according to the standards dictated by religious leaders, the government and authority figures. They cannot tell you what God wants you to do. How do they know what God wants you to do? Only your heart can tell you what God wants you to do. If everyone did what they truly wanted to do, every human need would be fulfilled by whoever is called to do.

Some people may question how do we know when what we desire to do is what God wants us to do? They think that it is dangerous to follow what we think as our heart’s desire because it may be a desire of the flesh that’s been disguised. Well the truth is thatthere are different levels of desire within us. We may desire a job position that has better pay because we think that starting a business financially unstable. But eliminate that thinking and we may find that starting the business is the stronger desire.

What we truly want is always what God wants. We can never go wrong when we see things at that level. The key is to get clear by bypassing all preconditioned worldviews and limiting beliefs in order to face what we really want. Be honest and get to the core of what really matters to you personally. It doesn’t matter what others do for God. It only matters what you wish to do for yourself most of all. Don’t judge it but embrace it completely because that’s exactly what God wants for you and designed you to do.

Inspiration pulls and an intent pushes, know the differences. Being inspired requires much less discipline than setting a goal like wanting a new pair of bling bling shoes. To be inspired is to be fillled with God, inspiration comes from the higher realms. Passion can be dark when passion and inspiration is interpreted wrong. Passionate about doing evil is for example wrong but having a passion to serve people in an unique way through your unique talent that you really enjoy doing is a better definition for passion, with correct passion divine inspiration comes and that leads to new doors, success and adventures.

Creating a current is harder than tapping into a trend, current that already exists. Play with both and use your common sense and intuition to decide when it is the right moment to step into your passion.

From the lower to the higher: One can make money by fulfilling the passion of others as there already is a market for it and at times it is or seems to be harder from creating a business out of your own passion where “yet” nobody may care for but when one has enough money the purpose is to follow ones highest passion, one that benefits oneself and others. Doing no harm to anybody.

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