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When you have embodied the Spiritual Self to the point at which your subjective mind accepts it, when you have convinced yourself that It is YOU, you can then speak with authority because It is the God Self speaking through you. You are an individuated aspect of the Universal Self. There is only One Being and that is God. You are not a separate being from God. Unity is God’s only Law. You may have a different personality or individuality from the Supreme Personality, but you’re of the same substance.

When you realize your unity, you have dominion. All power comes from God. No being has a power that is separate from God. Every being whether good or evil are using the power that comes from God. All life on Earth draw their energy from the Sun. All spirit beings draw their existence from the Source. Whether one is good or evil, one will have power to exert when one plugs into the Source of Power. The dominion comes by being conscious of your oneness with Source and directing its power to create.

The consciousness of your unity with God is the starting point of all prayer. You cannot come to God with a sense of separation and expect Him to work through you fully. You are not praying to a God that is external and separate from you. You are praying to God within you and who is One with You. True prayer is connecting with the divine aspect within you. Without this realization of unity, you will create the experience of separation from the All Good. You can only receive when you know you have received.

God can work through you only when your Consciousness and His Consciousness are One. You know then that you are one with All-Power, for you have discovered there is no power other than that of Mind. You demonstrate the Kingdom of God because you recognize It as your own State of Mind. What is God? God is Mind. Who is God? God is Christ. One is the Universal and the other is the Personal aspect of God. You are Mind. You can only know what and who God is through your Mind and Consciousness.

All things are yours, Jesus said. That is, all things are manifested through your acceptance of your Oneness with God. If you want health, you must accept that God is health, and that being one with God means you are one with health. In other words, God is Your health. The same goes for prosperity, success, happiness and all of life’s goodness. He is your Everything. A sense of separation from God regarding anything creates an experience of separation from that thing. Unite God with all that you want.

Transcend the race mind of the world by aligning with the True Self. Remember that this realm is created by collective consciousness. The disparity between your ideal or envision reality and that of actual reality is because of the discrepancy between your reality creation and other people’s reality creation in this world. The law of averages also show that the majority create all kinds of imperfections. That is why this world will always be filled with imperfections. Avoid mass mind by polarizing with God’s Mind.

God the Father is the Creative Principle, the universal mind. When you align with the Father, you are aligning with the Creative Principle. Jesus said he does all things according to the Father. All the miracles that he did are by aligning with the Creative Principle. Without the Father, nothing can be done. All beings in existence whether good or evil are ultimately from the same Father, which is God. Even those who have gone astray from the Personal Father are still using his Creative Power for their work.

What does it mean to become one with anything? It means you become that thing. To become One with the Spiritual Self is to become that Self in action. Two can only work together perfectly when they are in complete harmony. To become One with God means you become God. It means you become God in Action. What you do, it is as if God is the one doing. Your actions become Godlike and your results also become Godlike because of Unity.

Jesus knew that man’s struggle for health, peace, happiness and plenty would come to an end only as he rid himself of personality. When followers sought to exalt and worship his personality, He said, call me not good, realizing that personality is the root of all man’s trouble. Jesus is fully Man and fully God. He doesn’t want people to worship the Man part of his personality. He came to show us the Father which is the God part of his personality. And, the Father shows us the Divine personality of Jesus.

No one ever loses his individuality. Each man is unique. His God-given possession of power to choose insures this uniqueness. He loses his sense of personality in his constant identification with his Spiritual Self but never his individuality. Identify more and more with God’s personality in order to embrace more and more of the qualities of God. This expands your capabilities far beyond the limitations of your present self into being, doing and having anything you desire. You are still you, but the Godlike You.

Make the Spiritual Self the acting centre or magnet of your Consciousness by contemplating. The Spiritual Self is all things good. All good includes prosperity, happiness, wellbeing, love that is fulfilling, completeness and perfection. Contemplate each with deep feeling and penetration and affirm when you come to the end of each statement: That is what I am in truth. Can you have anything until you claim it? The answer is no. You can only have what you make yours. Make God your salvation and the all good.