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When it comes to manifestation, one must not despise the day of small things. There usually come signs of land before land is finally sighted. Just as Noah in the Ark received an olive leaf from the dove, we sometimes receive initial signs of manifestation before the actual manifestation itself. Those signs are there to let us know that our desire is on the way. What we ask is already given. We simply have to allow it into our experience with patience. The unfoldment is usually a gradual process in due time.

We may often mistake the sign for the manifestation itself and therefore feel disappointed. We may think that the universe doesn’t know how to answer us exactly as we desire. But what man would give his son a stone when he asks for bread? If even evil men know how to give good things to their children, how much more shall the divine give good things to those that ask? When we simply regain awareness that it is an initial sign, we can look forwards in expectation that what we want is soon to manifest.

There was a woman who had spoken the manifestation of a set of dishes. Not long afterwards a friend gave her a dish which was old and cracked. She thought that she asked for a set of dishes but all she got was a cracked plate. But then she learned that the plate was only signs of land which showed that her dishes were coming. She then looked upon it as an initial sign of her manifestation. Not long afterwards the dishes came. Such is the way of the universe. Awareness of how it works helps us align.

When you first ask for a thing and then receive something that is not totally what you want, do not mistake it for the manifestation itself, but know that it is the initial sign. The complete manifestation of what you want will come in due time. Things may be far below your expectation, but still they are only a portion of the complete measure that is to come. When you put yourself in a state of appreciation, you give no resistance towards the initial signs and are therefore allowing the full manifestation to occur.

When you have made your demand to the universal mind, you must also be ready for the unexpected. Everything may seem to be going wrong, when in reality, it is going right. It might seem that the universe is moving you further away from your intended goal and that the path you want to take is being blocked from you. But what may be happening is that, you’re being caused to do things that will get you more of what you want and bringing better ways for it. You would end up closer to your goal than ever.

There was a woman who lost two thousand dollars several years ago. She had loaned the money to a relative but the relative had died without mentioning the loan in her will. The woman was resentful and angry. Since she had no written statement of the transaction, she never received the money. So she decided to deny the loss and take back her two thousand dollars from the universal supply instead. She had to begin by forgiving her relative since unforgiveness closed her flow toward the universal supply.

She was told that there was no loss in divine mind. Therefore she could not lose anything which belonged to her. Anything lost, would be returned, or she would receive its equivalent. She made the statement, “I deny loss, there is no loss in Divine Mind, and therefore I cannot lose the two thousand dollars, which belong to me by divine right.” As one door shuts another door opens. When one path of your manifestation seems closed to you, another one will open, or you will reopen to same path in a better way.

She had been living in an apartment house which was being put up for sale. There was a condition that if the house was sold, the tenants would have to move out in ninety days or less. The landlord broke the lease and raised the rent all of a sudden. It seemed that another unfair situation had happened to her once again, but this time she was undisturbed. She blessed the landlord and believed that since the rent was raised, she would be made richer according to the increased cost, for God was her supply.

There were new leases created for the new rental prices, but by some divine mistake, the ninety days clause was left out. Soon after, the landlord had an opportunity to sell the house. But because there was no ninety days clause, the tenants could stay on for another year. The real estate agent who wanted to close the deal faster was willing togive two hundred dollars to each tenant if he was willing to move out. Several families moved but three remained including the woman. The agent came back later.

This time he asked her if she was willingly to break her lease for a hundred and five hundred dollars. In a flash, she realized that her two thousand dollars was coming. She remembered that she had spoken to the remaining families that they would act together if a higher deal was offered again later. So she consulted them and they said if the buyers were willing to offer a thousand and five hundred, they would be willing to give two thousand. She ended up receiving a check of two thousand for moving out earlier.

It is an amazing working of the law that the seemingly bad situation was actually to open the way for the manifestation of what she had asked. It proves that there is no loss, and when you affirm this to be so, you will get all that is yours from the universal supply of good. God will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten. The locusts are doubts, fears, resentments and regrets. These thoughts alone rob you. No man gives to himself but himself, and no man takes away from himself, but himself.

To give an example, creating this website with wordpress was a lot of trial and error (html coding, plugin bugs) meaning there was a learning curve. From Setting up a membership site, payment method, hide certain sections and certain sections seems a long journey at the start but only through persistence, faith, purpose, passion and confidence the site finally was  functioning as it was intended to. Sometimes it takes baby steps but having patience and able to see, recongize and value the initial signs of manifestations one gets motivated and inspired in making the preject better better, bringing it to the next level.

Just like a rocket or with many new projects, the start usually requires a lot of energy but once the project is in its orbit, it flows.

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