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One of the major secrets in life about happiness is when you are-feel and “act naturally kind from the heart” you feel more joy. When you have learned to truly love life, things get lighter and happiness comes naturally.

Life will be more of a flow and you will notice that you are in a higher vibration, a way to keep this vibration is to test and compare it in the mind with moments when you were selfish and fearsome. When you understand this difference, make a conscious choice to live life from this new found higher state that will feel more naturally.

There are millions of ways and ideas to be kind to someone, when you can be naturally kind to someone means that you are a rich person at heart and that is a kind of wealth that selfish rich people can not buy when they remain in that state. It is a treasure state of being and insight that is overlooked by many.

Being kind and helping others should not feel like a duty. When you have discovered your true inner source, being happy comes naturally, happiness comes naturally. In business when you truly make a difference in someone’s life (with a smile on your face) and now and then you consciously notice the effect of your service or product on your customers, this act alone will put you in a higher state of consciousness.

One of the secrets in life is to not do things automatically but to be more conscious and act more consciously. Being naturally kind and helping others is part of the person with a high state of consciousnes. In this naturally way of giving lies also the seeds of happiness.

Happiness is related to your state of being and your relations. In overall when you give naturally, naturally people will be kind to you and want to give back to you. You are a light source and you shine from your core. What you put out, shine out affects the world you live in.

By changing yourself, you change the world around you too. When more people do this, we will truly be living in a better world. Life around you, you are actually making love with it your whole life. Life is exchange of moods, products, services and energy.

Be a source of kindness, of high quality energy and light up the world from your corner of the globe. Life is meant to be a wonderful and deep experience. Remember the word kindness.

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