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Sometimes after you have studied a problem from all angles, it seems even worse or more jumbled than before. When you leave it for awhile by temporary forgetfulness, and then when you get back to it, you find your thoughts clarified, the line of reasoning worked out and your problem solved for you. Everyone experiences this from time to time but it is often produced in an unconscious manner without purpose and intent. You have more power when you learn to use your subconscious in a conscious way.

Get an idea of what you really want to know by forming a clear mental image of the question you wish answered. Give it a high degree of conscious attention by playing around with it in your mind and pondering upon the matter. Then pass it to your subconscious mind with the mental command “Attend to this for me, work out the answer!” or some similar order. This command may be issued mentally or verbally. Command your subconscious like people who work for you. Command kindly but with firmness.

Firmly command your subconscious mind to do the work, and then forget all about the matter. Throw it off your conscious mind and attend to your other tasks. In due time the answer will come flashed into your consciousness. It may not come until the very minute that you must make a decision upon the matter, or at a time when you need the information. There are mental processes at work for your benefit. When they have worked out the problem for you, they push it into your plane of awareness for its use.

It is best to do as much conscious work on the problem before passing it to the subconscious to work on. Fill your mind with every bit of information that you can obtain regarding the problem. Then relax and let your mind dwell upon the problem for a moment without worrying or fretting, but in a calm and tranquil way. Then turn it over to your subconscious mind with the command to “Work this out for me!” and utterly relax.When you relax, you drop away your resistance to allow the answer to be worked.

You can even go to sleep if you want. There are many solutions that come when a person goes to sleep. God created woman when man was asleep. When you’re asleep other thoughts are kept from obtruding upon your consciousness. That is the time when the divine can do the work unhindered. Whatever thought or problem you can get across to your subconscious mind at the moment of dropping off to sleep, your subconscious mind will fork out for you. Then when you awaken, you will have the answer.

Of course, not everyone can succeed in getting the right thought across to the subconscious at the first or the second attempt. It requires understanding and faith, just as the working out of problems in mathematics requires an understanding of and faith in the principles of mathematics. But keep on trying, and you will do it. And when you do, the results are sure. What you are doing here is applying universal laws through conscious creation. The more you use your power the greater your power will become.

Your subconscious mind is part of the universal mind. You can think of the universal mind as the combination of all subconscious minds in existence and even the mind of the divine. Thought is man’s connecting link with the universal mind. Thought is the pathway of intention and inspiration. Through the conscious act of thinking, you can tap into the intelligence of other beings or higher entities. The answer will come along through your thinking and it seems you thought it out when it actually was given you.

Somewhere in the universal mind there exists the correct solution to every problem. It does not matter how stupid, complicated or simple a problem may appear to be. The right solution always exists in the universal mind. All problems are problems of the mind, and therefore all solutions are found within the mind. Whatever you need to know, you can know if you seek the help of the universal mind and receive inspiration from it. Keep on seeking and you find there is no problem that exists that cannot be solved.

Whenever you have any need or experience any difficulty, close your eyes for a moment and realize that the universal mind knows how the need can best be met. Put your problem to your subconscious mind with the belief that it will find the solution. Then forget it for awhile, and when the time comes the need will be met. This is the key of letting go and letting God. There are times when you do not need many solutions because the one solution before you is all you need, and is the best one provided now.

The longer an electric current is made to flow through a filament of oxide of magnesium, the greater the conductivity of the filament became. In the same way, the more you call upon and use your subconscious mind, the greater its conductivity becomes in passing along the infinite resources of the universal mind. The greatest man and women in the world are simply those who have increased conductivity with the universal mind through constant use of their subconscious mind in everything they work on.

The Wisdom of Solomon, the skill of Michael Angelo, the genius of Edison, the daring of Napoleon, all may be yours. It is up to you only to form the contact with Universal Mind in order to draw from it what you will. Think of this power as something that you can connect with any time. It has the answer to all of your problems. It offers you freedom from fear, from worry, from sickness, from accident. No man and nothing can interfere with your use of this power or diminish your share of it. No one but yourself.

Subconscious directions may be more effective than affirmations. You can direct your subconscious mind to go about making an affirmation come true. The subconscious is actually your Inner Being or an aspect of it. You can communicate with it by personifying it in your imagination. You can talk to it as though it is a person. After all, it is consciousness interacting with consciousness. Your subconscious mind is like a mental computer that goes about working on tasks that you program into it.


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