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Momentum is the propelling force behind an object in motion. Whenever there is anything in motion, there is always a factor of momentum involved. Manifestation is the process by which your intention moves into physical reality. Therefore momentum is a key factor of manifestation. When you understand momentum and know how to use it well in your manifestation, you will be able to manifest like a master. Handling momentum determines the successful or unsuccessful manifestation of multiple intentions.

Every intention that you want to manifest requires you to put energy into it. The energy required for manifestation is both mental and physical. The more intentions you want to manifest, the more energy you have to use. The more intentions you have, the less energy you can channel for each of them. You would have too many things to think about, and too many things to act upon. Therefore if you want to be more successful with your manifestations, you have to reduce the number of intentions you have.

It is not about having lesser intentions in life, but it is to have lesser intentions that you would choose to focus your energy on manifesting at any one time. You could still have many intentions that you want to manifest in life, but by focusing on which ones to manifest at any one time, you allow all your intentions to manifest in divine order and divine timing. That is what it means by you can have it all. You can’t have everything at one go, but you can have everything as it falls into place in the perfect manner.

Those who try to have it all right away are the ones that never have it all. Those who do not try to have it all right away are the ones that end up having it all. Those who try to have it all right way do not understand momentum, and that is why they fail to have many things that they want. Those that understand momentum would choose to use it to create what they wish. It is the reason why they do not do so many things at one time. The big achievers don’t seem like big achievers because they focus their work.

It is an illusion created by mass mind that if you want to achieve a lot, you must have a lot of ideas and lots of things that you are working at the same time. Many people who are trapped in that illusion think that is the way of big achievers, and they wonder why they themselves fail to achieve much. This is the real reason for doing so much but achieving so little. The big achievers do the opposite of what the masses think. They focus on a few selected ideas and tasks to work with, using power of momentum.

The secret of manifesting multiple intentions successfully is by managing the energy and momentum of each one as you go along. You first focus your energy on certain intentions and once you have generated enough momentum for them, you move on to focusing energy on other intentions. When you take your focus away from previous intentions, their momentum may degenerate over time. But they have enough energy to keep going on for awhile as you focus on other intentions, and then return to them.

So this is the real meaning of balancing the forces of your life for optimal growth. You do everything in cycles. Wealth is a rhythm and when you know how to flow with the rhythm, you will manifest wealth in the greatest possible way. There is a need for work and a need for rest. When you work, work fully and when you rest, rest fully. This putting of yourself fully in every moment is what gets you fullest results. Cycling through work activities is also how you handle every part of your business most efficiently.

The hardest part of achieving anything is in the beginning. That is because there is no momentum. The greatest force working against you is inertia. What is at rest tends to remain at rest. Therefore things tend to remain the same until you keep putting in energy to shift reality in a different direction. Your new manifestations will fade away if you do not keep adding momentum. That’s why those who have become successful deserve it because they have done what is necessary to break through the status quo.

There is inertia and momentum. Effort is only needed at the beginning to overcome inertia. Then subsequent actions can ride on the initial momentum that is created by the initial effort and continue adding to the momentum. As momentum builds, less and less effort is needed and it becomes more and more effortless. The initial effort is compelled by the inner being and all one needs to do is to follow it and go with the flow. This physics of force is also the physics of thought force.

There is a difference between energy and effort. Effort is used in the beginning to overcome inertia and to get the energy flowing. Over time, less effort is required but that doesn’t mean there is less energy, because the energy that is already present continues flowing which is also called momentum and will continue creating results as long as it is there. Everything you create is energy and has an energy flow. Intelligent and inspired actions enable you to create effective structures for energy to flow efficiently, and to expand and multiply and add together to increase the energy flow and resulting work done.

Momentum is also the reason why the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. The rich keep generating momentum that brings them greater and greater wealth, while the poor keep generating momentum that bring them greater and greater debt. Habits seem hard to break because of the amount of momentum that sustain them. It may take awhile to deconstruct something just like it took awhile to construct it. The less energy you feed it and the more energy you use to destroy it, the faster you can change it.

There is a universal flow that operates in everything. Your achievements can be effortless when you tap into the flow of your higher self instead of trying to do things that you are not inspired to do. Do what you have a passion for doing and you will find that the energy you need is already there for you. The universal momentum is already present and when you follow it, there will be very little inertia or resistance to overcome. Doing what you love is the secret of effortless and enjoyable manifestation of intent.

Momentum increases when energy is added, and that is why the secret of success is focus. A steam engine cannot run with all valves open. If you want maximum speed, you have to close all valves and focus all your energy into a single intention or action. Even if you have many things that you enjoy doing, you cannot do all of them at the same time.You have to close yourself from what is good or even great, and focus only on what is best. By going with the flow and focusing within the flow, you achieve big.


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