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One of the most important insights in existence. I share this movie  because in overall i agree with especially the description on
Source and who we are. I already knew this for years but this is the basics that are so important to know and revisit again until it
becomes a part of us. In this blog i want to use carefully chosen youtube video’s that already explain some insights i want to
share with you as a member.

Sometimes it is also powerful to learn the same insights from another teacher, thus from a different lense. There are two movies
in this blog. All describe the Theory of everything from  a different perception but all of them have the same essence.

The second movie supports more the arguments in the first movie with some additional
information, claims and information. Philosopher, scientists, spiritual teachers team up
to teach humanity something. I advise to see all information with discretion, filtering
out what is useful for you.

Video 1: What is actually God and why you are here!!! Click Here

Video 2: Very important Basics. The Secret of who you are by some more famous authors: Click here

Step 3. Remember!!!

Access all blogs: Click here 


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My plan is to give back!
Why play the lottery? When yearly donations are * huge enough (minimal thousands, sky is the limit) and there are enough people donating , half of my donations yearly will be shared among one or a few loyal members of made known through youtube.

All members will be updated on this.

About the chance or selection method: as it is my creative idea and gift, no one can claim that they are rightful winner (claiming it to be honest or dishonest), this is in essence a spiritual and divine site so nothing will be done to harm, only to increase! We just want to provide another extra very cool fun service for our members, rewarding one or some of them in an extra and surprising way.