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You can think all day long about getting motivated to do something you have been wanting or needing to do. However, the final spurt that gets you moving is an emotional charge; it’s an impulse. It may seem like a thought. But, there is always an accompanying feeling with that thought. Try it. And you will notice a sensation. Now, it may be very subtle, but it is there. It is very critical to your success with higher mind techniques because without feeling you’re operating on pure mental energy that has no push.

Imagine one day, you got very depressed as you were thinking about your life. You began to get angry! You began to feel emotion! You began to cry! You started feeling so much emotion that you had an outburst. You began expelling so much emotion that had been stored up in your body that it all came out at once. You shouted at the universe! You emoted a strong charge! You told the universe that you were done living this way; that your life was going to change! It had to change. This is it, and so it is.

You said this over and over and over. Now, after the outburst, you got beyond the anger and started emoting positive feelings and continued to believe that the universe was providing what you desired. In less that one week, you got an incredibly lucrative job offer or some other amazing thing that turned your whole life around. It wasn’t until a similar scenario happened later that you started to see a light. You come to the realization that your emotions, when utilized in the right way, had the power to manifest.

In most cases, your ability to observe is vastly stronger than your ability to visualize. In other words, your habit of observation has greater influence in your life than your habit of visualization. The greatest way for overcoming this is to get in the habit of using your imagination. Begin to visualize the way you want to be and stop dwelling on how things are, unless you’re perfectly content with your life. Strong visualization is the key to projecting an intended outcome. Habitual visualization is deliberate creation.

Manifestation depends on purity of vibration. Let’s say you want to attract more money, so you’re feeling what it’s like to be financially successful. But, at the same time you keep going back to the reality of how you are also terribly broke. You are bringing contradictory vibrations to your reality, which means that the Law of Vibrational Attraction is responding to both of these vibrations. It’s responding to no money and more money which leaves you with no new money! Your vibration wasn’t pure enough.

You must purify your vibration to a belief and acknowledgment that you are already successful. You can start right now by focusing on what it is you want and the universe will match it accordingly. The purer your vibration, the faster it will be matched. Power removes or neutralizes resistance. The more power you summon, the more resistance you overcome and neutralize. Raise your power and feel powerful. There must be power and there must also be purity. Do not sacrifice purity with overpowering.

The next thing to realize is when you do have a totally pure and innocent thought and feeling about something, and you put it out, you are best to let it go. You do not have to dwell on something over and over and over for 10 hours a day. Your vibration doesn’t have to be excessively redundant. It just has to be pure. This is why some of the most innocent inspirational impulses you’ve had in the past have probably manifested almost instantaneously. It is because you didn’t spend all the time thinking about it.

You just let it go with no preconceived notions; so by the Law of Vibrational Attraction the universe matched it with equal precision and speed. You can fantasize about your desired outcome for about 15 seconds and that’s enough. You do not have any doubts and negative feelings about the goal. You do not tell yourself that you weren’t good enough to find something like that. You have no past baggage to wade through. Your vibration about the goal is totally pure and the Law of Attraction matches with it.

The more you consciously vibrate to your desires, the more so-called coincidences you will find in your life. Your days may be full of such occurrences. Of course, you know they are not mere coincidences, but vibrational matches. Now, as creators of our own reality, we use contrast to help ourselves perceive data and decide what it is we do not want in our lives, and what it is we desire. The contrast is what helps us decide between the two polarities. Tragedy helps us to decide to live a life of well being.

It is important to understand the proper way to utilize contrast when we are making our daily, and moment to moment decisions. You utilize contrast effectively when your thinking and feeling process goes in the direction of what it is you don’t like, to what it is you like. You utilize contrast ineffectively when you desire something and then end by observing its lack. You choose the polarity of reality that you wish to experience and realize that the negative aspect can exist not to you, but to some other place.

When you use contrast to discern quickly the, yes-yes-yes, you stay in connection to your center, and keep the power flowing to your being; and by doing so, the Law of Vibrational Attraction brings many wonderful things into your life that you desire. If you use contrast to decide, no-no-no, you vibrationally match the resistance energy and your life will be full of lack. Remember the power of the universe is always flowing to us. Pure is powerful and the main thing is to keep your vibration pure for manifestation.