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There are many powerful forms of meditations

The meditation beneath is not only a powerful form of meditation but also explains and dives into what meditation is. Meditation is beyond religion, it is divinity in practice. After you have studied this form of meditation we will go into Kundalini meditation which is also one of the most powerful form of meditation.

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Those who do and use meditation well are in Ecstasy, transcending normal states of consiousness. It is the true currency, our optimal state of being.
Self love in hand with compassion, confidence and momentum are on your side.

You are in the God complex.

See blog part 1 and 2 of the Godcomplex within the Loveloempia membership. The meditation makes me think of the Sun and Moon meditation of dr. Pillai who taught once dr. Wayne Dyer a new form of meditation. The Sun and Moon meditation. It is great to see all three in action and see the similarities but it is more important to pick one first that resonates with you at the moment.

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Wayne Dyer Morning Ah meditation, there is also an evening, ohm-aum meditation. Again, the Sun and Moon, Father and Mother Universal aspect.

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Combine the two teachings of meditation, complementing eachother. The Sun and Moon meditation seems illogical without the explanation of the Universal Mother and Father explanation in the first shared video. What you have discovered here is a powerful combination of two meditations that are in essence the same even though they are different.

Understand that Loveloempia is not practicing religion here but self development and a kind of spirituality that transcends and goes beyond religion.