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There are situations in life when things may go one way or another. This is called a state of flux. You must pay very special attention to situations like this because it can determine the difference between getting what you want or don’t want. What people do in moments of flux is what separates the losers from the winners. Remember that nothing is definite and everything is just a possibility. How you see things is how you direct things to go. When you’re conscious, you can be in control instead of a victim.

The meaning to a thing in life is the meaning we give to it. We choose our experiences by choosing the beliefs that we have about them. In doing so, we create our reality.Everything has multiple meanings attached to it. We decide what’s true for ourselves. All things are possible, it is choice that selects some of the possibilities while others are shut off or denied. You want to allow what you wish to experience into your life while denying all else from being realized. Everything happens by the choice you make.

Quantum mechanics state that an object exists in a state of superposition until it is observed. The moment a conscious observer looks at the object, it collapses into a single location in time and space. When the observer looks away from the object, it technically exists in multiple locations at once. Since reality behaves like that in the quantum level, it also behaves the same way on the macro level. Things in life go the way we see them going. We mentally steer in the direction where we choose to look.

It is not our physical sight but our inner representation that is our true faculty of observation. Nothing exists except as an idea of consciousness. Mind defines everything. What something isn’t defined, it exists as raw and formless potential or energy. We don’t see a car unless our mind perceives a car. Without perception, there is no sight. Energy that isn’t interpreted cannot be experienced as form. The very act of interpreting energy is what gives it shape and form, because the inner and outer world are one.

All of reality is in your mind, because your mind is everything that is. All physical things are condensed forms of higher vibrational energies know as thought waves. In the dream world, you experience things as solid and tangible as the waking world. The physical world is just another level of the mental universe. All physical laws are simply simulations within the mental universe. There is no gravity except when mind experiences gravity. All situations are created by the mind and experienced within your mind.

You cannot see your toes unless you bend down to see your toes. The existence of the manifest world is the very act of mind bending within itself to see itself. The visible world is a mirror of the mind. Consciousness cannot observe itself except by turning itself inside out. The situations you experience are always a reflection of your thought whether conscious or unconscious. As mind thinks of a form, it manifests a form. There’re many planes of mind. Things first manifest in imagination before physical world.

A symptom may arise which can be interpreted as positive or negative. A judgment is made the moment you decide whether something is positive or negative. To hold no judgment is to remain empty in mind. It is to treat the situation as vague or ambiguous rather than making a conclusion about it. Since people can’t stand uncertainty, it’s hard for them not to judge. But allowing things to be uncertain is how not to force things in any direction. This gives room for all possibilities to carry you in divine purpose.

Judging a bodily symptom is the reason why benign growth becomes malignant. There are moments when your physical condition is in a state of flux. The only true cause of anything is thought itself. Physical facts are not truths. Only universal laws are truths. Traditional medicine considers the HIV virus being the cause of aids as a physical fact. But a physical fact is still a belief and not true reality in itself. There are many HIV positive people who never suffer aids. It is a universal law that mind creates reality.

The appearance of a symptom can serve as a turning point. It can happen in business, relationships and other areas of life. When there seems to be fewer sales or clients coming in, don’t think that business is getting worse. When communication problems develop between you and another person, don’t think that the relationship is coming apart. Always form your interpretations based on intention. Direct your reality rather than being tossed by the waves of conditions. Hold your truth regardless of situations.

Choose to believe things are good instead of bad. Even if something bad seems to be happening, it’s always part of a greater good that is happening for you. How long you keep seeing it as bad is how long you stay in the experience until you learn that it isn’t so. Ultimately, all our troubles in life are lessons for us to learn that everything is truly good. Each moment we learn something bad is actually good, we become free from it and manifest a better reality. The end of suffering is realization of ultimate good.

How you act towards something will also influence what it becomes. When a game goes badly for you, do you start playing like a loser or do you turn it around by playing with proper focus and composure? Do you act like you’re going to fail in business or do you act like you’re going to succeed no matter what? Do you act like things aren’t going to work out with another person or do you act to make it work? Every moment is a state of flux. Judge reality in your favor since things go the way you say they are.