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The God complex is a very powerful state of being to have in life and in persuasion.When you have the God complex, you are playing games you cannot lose. You are thinking the way God thinks and therefore you only see success and no failure. People with the God complex become unstoppable and a force to be reckoned with. No matter what happens, it is good for them either way. They have no attachments to outcomes because they can turn every situation to their advantage and move them forth.

See every outcome as moving you towards a positive outcome. When you are in negotiation with someone about a deal, if the deal is clinched then that’s great. If the deal falls through, you have saved yourself time from further dealing with the person, and can turn your attention to the next deal instead. Most people hang on unnecessarily in a deal that does not work and therefore lose power and the chance of going for something else that would work. You must always move on and not get stuck in one place.

Have the attitude that whether things turn out this way or that way, you can still work with it. This is the true state of mind that gives you the confidence to bring things to an ultimate conclusion. When you approach negotiations or life like this, you’ll find that you have a lot of power. Very often you will have what you want because people and even reality itself will bend to your will. You have proven yourself strong enough for the forces to obey you. There is nothing else to test you because you are qualified.

Many people play the game of life with the loser complex. It is the damned if you do and damned if you don’t mentality. They usually find themselves facing situations where they are going to lose either way. It is precisely because they approach life with the loser complex that sets them up to face such kind of situations often times. We create our reality according to our state of being. If you want to experience the life of a winner, you have to be a winner. You are a winner not by winning but by your mind.

The God complex is one that sees no mistakes in the universe. Everything is working for your greatest good. Even those which seem to be mistakes are divinely directed. They are there for you to learn important lessons that will contribute to your spiritual evolution and increase in awareness. Every closed door is for your protection from something lesser in order for you to access only that which is better. You have nothing to fear because things will ultimately turn out the way you wish for them to happen.

Always have a plan C or contingency plan. Having a plan C enables you to severe all attachments from plan A and even plan B. Your plan A is your original plan while plan B is your alternative plan. But those two plans can fail while only your plan C is fail-proof. It is a plan where even if all else fails, you are in a situation where you can still win something from. With that in mind, you know you cannot lose ultimately and therefore have less pressure on plan A and plan B to succeed. It increases you chances.

Have a nothing to lose attitude and let your entire demeanor convey this in your communication. Others will sense that you are not needy and having something to lose in your dealings with them. This gives you full power over others while giving them no power over you. Whenever you have something to lose, you are giving your power away. Do not give any of your power away by having something to lose. Keep all your power to yourself. Be detached and totally laid back about whatever responses others give.

When you have a God complex, you put yourself in a position of all power. Power is what you need in order to be able to do anything. In areas where you don’t have power is where you feel you cannot act. In areas where you think others can act and you can’t, they have the power and not you. Take back the power by realizing that there is always something you can do, even if it means to wait. To wait is an act of waiting, and not an act of doing nothing. Therefore you have power to do anything, even to wait.

As long as you want power from others, you cannot have it. The moment you don’t need power others, you will have more than you ever dreamed possible. When you want power from others, you are lacking it and those who have power will have it over you. But when you don’t need power from others, nobody has power over you and you are free to move in anyway you desire without being held back by fear of loss or need for gain.When you seek to have personal power, that is when you will have true power.

Can you accept the possibility that you may not get exactly what you want in a given situation? If so, can you see how even this might carry you one step closer toward your ultimate goal? If so, you can move forward with confidence and truly play a game you cannot lose. Accept the possibility of failure and then discover a way that even an undesired result would carry you forward toward a positive outcome. Instead of forcing results, adapt with the flow of events to eventually bring you the results you want.

The more successful and more powerful a person is in this world, the greater God complex they have. All of life is for the purpose of discovering who we really are as Godlike beings that can be, do and have anything we desire. The more we realize that things are working for us because we are one with the very same power that governs the whole universe, the more we achieve the success, happiness and freedom we wish for. Dark times compel us to break through illusion and see the truth of our divinity.

The God complex life as a play is one of the insights. Wisdom, kindness are also essential part of an divine being but this post is about life as a play that you cannot lose and that is meant by the God complex. Happiness, wisdom and kindness are important.

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