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You may have tried some techniques to make the Law of Attraction work for you. You may have recited affirmations, reminded yourself to think positively, set some goals, and visualized your success. If you are like many of us, a lack of results with these techniques may have left you questioning if the Law of Attraction is real. No need to worry, the Law of Attraction is working just fine. You just need to know how to use it effectively. This means you must discover the mechanics of how the law works within.

Affirmations, positive thinking, goal-setting, and visualization are good things to do, but they often don’t work in and of themselves. Why is that? The answer is that they don’t work deeply enough. Think of your being in terms of three layers: 1. Surface Consciousness, 2. Subconscious and 3. Subtle Energy System. Knowing the difference between the three layers and their functions will enable you to know how each of them contributes to creating your reality. Deeper knowledge is deeper and greater power.

The first level is Surface Consciousness. If you are doing affirmations, positive thinking, visualization, and goal setting, you are working with your surface consciousness.Surface consciousness is made of the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions that you are consciously aware of. This is the layer of your being that you’re most familiar with because it is what occupies the foreground of your attention. Surface consciousness is great but when there are things that escape it, you are unable to control them.

Why do many self-help techniques fail to deliver what they promise? Why do many of your attempts to manifest the life of your dreams end in frustration? The answer is that there are little devils in the process working against you. They live in a second layer of your being, your subconscious mind. This is the deeper layer by which you have to deal with in order to uncover the root of life problems. Everything is controlled by the programs running in your subconscious mind. Things you aren’t conscious of.

Your subconscious is a simple stimulus-response mechanism. It holds all the automatic processes that make your life possible and all the conditioning that you have accumulated through your life. There’s a lot of good and necessary programming in there: how to breathe, how to pump blood, how to fight off infection, how to walk, how to drive a car. You can’t live without the million little tasks that are carried out by your subconscious. The subconscious simply another aspect of your full consciousness.

If you were aware of all these activities at once, they would overwhelm you. That’s why consciousness is set up so that you don’t have to pay attention to them. They are carried out subconsciously. However, your subconscious also houses those little devils that get in your way: the habitual tensions, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs that run counter to your best and highest intentions. How do you neutralize these little devils?You’ve got to go deeper into a third layer which is the subtle energy system.

The third layer is the Subtle Energy System. This layer is the primary causal level of your life experience. It is the matrix which gives birth to the other layers. Shifting the subtle energetic layer of your being changes the way that your subconscious processes and conscious mind operate. If you want to make significant shifts in your life, it’s most effective to work directly at this level. When you shift yourself at the energetic level, you shift your conscious and subconscious thought processes. It’s the essence.

When you work at the subtle energetic level you are working at the same level that the Law of Attraction works. You are working on the quality of your “vibration.” Effective manifestation using the Law of Attraction requires that you neutralize your little subconscious devils and raise the strength, quality, clarity, and coherence of your energetic vibration. The subtle energetic level is the core of your subconscious. It not only contains information or ideas, but it also contains activated vibration to those ideas.

Amplitude has to do with the intensity, or strength, of a wave pattern. A strong heartbeat or a loud sound has large amplitude. You can think of amplitude in terms of energetic strength or the intensity of effect that a wave can have in its surrounding environment. By practicing energetic meditation you will strengthen your personal energetic vibration so that it has a powerful effect in your life and in the world around you. The energetic level is your link from the subconscious to real world manifestation.

Frequency describes the number of wave cycles per unit of time. It is a measure of the quality of a wave-like vibration. You can observe the different qualities of different frequencies in sound waves. A low frequency note has a certain feel to it, while a high frequency note has another feeling altogether. We refer to different frequencies of different people or environments when we say that a person or a place has “good vibes” or “bad vibes.” Change your energetic level frequency and everything else changes.

Clarity has to do with absence of noise or interference in an energetic system. Think of the sound wave example again. A sound comes through loud and clear when there is quiet in the surrounding environment. Your personal energetic vibration has clarity when you have effectively reduced subconscious interference. That is why effective intention consists of two main factors which are strength or amplitude of intent and clarity of intent. You have got to demand a thing strongly and clear all limiting thoughts.