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To lead an aware life is to be more conscious of our self and the world around us.

The world is not separate from us we and the world are an extension of eachother. The world is made for play and exploration. Real Succesful people master themself and keep learning about the world around them.

We are actually discovering aspects of ourselves, the more we discover the more we know and apply for our benefit.

World peace is knowing we are all aspects of the one, looking beyond country, skin colour, different religion, etc. There is a reason why everyone is not the same.

  1. Life is cosmic music and made for self exploration.
  2. Like radio stations, we can tune into peace, love
  3. God is a frequency we can find. Find it and feel good, do good, be good.
  4. Methods are meditation, inspiration, moments of love-kindness. Being and feeling good in the moment-…like coming home (to our self). Playing and listening.
  5. Distractions: music, other radio stations in life will distract you at times but remember to tune into nirvana , become the center in storms that may come but remain flexible.

The succesful know that once you have found a success formula you should stick with it or improve on it. Switching projects all the time is a success killer. It is important to find your flow, to find something that is both beneficial to the audience and yourself. What makes you feel alive.

It is tuning into the frequency of God. Remember that there is also music in others and that they cannot be neglected, there are people that solely focus on their passion but neglecting the needs and wants of others.

Yes there is a small group who blindly follow their passion and neglect the wishes in others and succeed but that would be generalization and risky advise.

Success is also the skill of listening, listening to the music in oneself and listening to the music in others. Seeking a bridge between the two. If you love what you do, your endurance will be higher. Failing will not stop you as you love to do it even when results take time to manifest.

There are musicians who love what they do but remain poor. One should also have a passion for listening, learning and evolving not only from strength but certain weaknesses. When you are not good at marketing, study it. Partner with someone who is skilled at it, it is not only about building on your strengths and talents but also on certain weaknesses or what needs to be done.

Life is music, we should learn to play, listen and work together to achieve something greater. God is a frequency, learn to tune into it, learn to listen to it, learn to play it solo and in a team.