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Here is again a priceless insight:
Give up on Self improvement from the perception of not enough. Yes, priceless and not a million or hundred million dollar insight.
There have been enough rich people through history who are not happy, are adicted, are unfulfilled.

There is a lot of self help focussing on better in this, better in that but it is good to remember the basics and that is self acceptance.
If you start from the winning mindset and play the game of life, you will have a much better quality of life than to struggle and try to improve yourself as only when you have a house, wife, a million dollars, a sports car etc. you will be happy.

Life is a game so play it more often from the point of happiness. As an example i share with you a youtube video of a self improvement guru who has been on the self improvement path for years and shares with us this simple but radical way of  thinking.

Self acceptance:
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