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Maintaining adequately high levels of energy and emotional states is necessary for manifestation of desires
. You should keep your personal atmosphere well charged at all times by projecting magnetism into it from time to time. No special times or number of times is absolutely necessary. You must use your own judgment and feeling in this matter. You will soon learn to feel when your magnetic aura is weak, and when it is strong. Having an aura of adequate strength is important to attract desired reality state.

If you are about to come into contact with others whom you wish to influence or who may influence you, you should charge yourself well with magnetism. This means you should generate and project into your personal atmosphere a large amount of magnetism, which will render your aura strong and positive, instead of weak and negative. This rule is applicable to the case of the uses of personal magnetism in your dealing with other persons. You should learn to interact with the energies of others powerfully.

There is a case of the son of a prominent businessman. This young man was well educated, polished, and moreover, possessed of all the requisites of a successful salesman, except that of inspiring a feeling of friendship on the part of those with whom he came in contact. While he was able to present his arguments logically and forcibly, he was nevertheless handicapped by the fact that he repelled friendship, rather than invited it. In desperation, he went to find a cure for his serious psychic trouble.

His cure was very easy. He was simply put through a course of the mirror exercises in the “direct flash,” until he had mastered the technique; and then had him saturate his mind with the mental image and idea of: “You like me, you like me very much!” “You feel attracted toward me!” “You are my friend, and wish to show your friendship for me!” etc., etc., etc. All these ideas were but variations of, an improvement upon, the simple idea of “You like me!” This charged his aura with magnetism to attract friends.

Thence, this young man began to radiate such an atmosphere of likeability, friendship, etc., that he made friends right and left, even without trying. It was in the air around him, it seemed. His old trouble disappeared like magic. He was made over into a new man. And, yet it was all very simple, you see. It is mere child’s play, when one has the secret, as you now have. The young man insisted upon presenting a check for $1,000, although he was charged but one-tenth of that amount, for the service provided.

You can charge your aura with magnetism for other functions. You can create the illusory aura. Decide on the sensation or perception that you want others to have of you. Turn the desired sensation into a positive, present-tense mantra (for example, “Those who wish me harm must turn away”). Close your eyes and imagine that your aura is white. It reaches out approximately a foot and a half in every direction. You are extending your aura field to cover an area of effect to influence people that are within range.

Begin to repeat your mantra while imagining your aura morphing into a shape related to your wish. For protection rites, imagine scales or something similar. For attracting others, imagine that your aura is dazzling and beautiful. For subtle invisibility, imagine that a dark cloak is materializing around your aura. The possibilities are limited only by your visualization and imagination. There are other auric uses to influence others around you for concentration, motivation, wellbeing, power, confusion and destruction.

When you’ve designed and created a visual symbol that gets across the illusion you want to portray, begin to raise emotional energy. You should still be repeating the mantra. See the changes to your aura as clearly as possible and peak your emotional energy to charge the image. If possible, shout the mantra out loud one last time at the peak. This will solidify the form and function of the aura for the purpose you wish it to accomplish. The aura is your own energy which you are establishing around you.

Now you can walk about as normal with your illusion blanketing you. Reinforce your illusion by imagining, from time to time, that you actually look like the visual symbol you imagined. When you have no further need for the illusion, imagine the form of your aura dissolving back to a uniform white field. Then, perform a banishing to ensure that this is so. The banishing is done by declaring that the programming of the aura has been removed and your energy is cleared. Auras are programs of the soul energy.

A mirror shield can be used for psychic defence. The intent of a mirror shield is to bounce the negative energy away from you. First of all, it’s very important to make sure that a mirror shield includes the intent that the energy bounces back to the sender, because you don’ want it just bouncing in some random direction and hitting an innocent bystander. Secondly be aware that if the sender knows enough to have their own shields up, the energy that you bounce back may be deflected from them again.

A conversion shield converts energy and gives it directly to you. What’s particularly amusing about this kind of shield is that if you build it well, the more someone attacks you the better your life becomes. This is infuriating to people who are actually trying to hurt you, which makes it fun. Another name you may hear for it is a transmutation shield. Imagine the energy transmuting from one form to another as it passes through the shield. Someone with a converter shield actually benefits from negative attention.