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Something to remember is that we need to be often conscious of the hidden second sun.

This second invisible Sun is within us. As one lives in Holland (like i do, creator of, it is quite normal to have at times pretty unstable weather circumstances. A few days good weather, then followed by a few days wind and rain.

If our mood in that case depends on the external weather circumstances our life would be kind of a drama.

Not only the weather but the scenario’s in life  will visit both sides of the coin, there will be good days as well as bad days.

People who tend to be in general luckier, who kind of have the magic touch are more optimistic in their thinking.

You are what you think is not only a powerful philosophy but also real knowledge about that we are beings of conscious energy.

Since we are conscious energy we must awaken the Dragons of Energy within and learn how to direct it to live a fuller happy life.

It is important to build up health, stamina, life force, optimism in order to manifest any purpose, vision, goals.

See the energy as Kundalini dragon snake energy, see it as a second invisible sun.

You can also call it inner sun Discipline: discipline of the inner sun.

Connect it to bliss and you have blissipline!

The word discipline, for many it is not a pleasant word but when you combine it with bliss and discipline of the inner sun it is an insight that has tremendous worth.

Meditate (on the go) when necessary and remember that you have a second invisible inner Sun! When you have trained yourself enough you will notice that even the external sun/ luck comes more often into your life.

Winning the game of life no matter what the scenario is.

Tools, philosophies, system routines can help you with the law of Rythm in life (there are always ups and downs).

You can create routine tools to strengthen the routine of your inner sun:

Youtube, mp3, daily habbits. We will go deeper into this at my advise is to read all the blogs at least once and to make notes, find ways to actively make use of the knowledge in the blogs.