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You have read before about the importance of our subconsciousness, we think we are our waking consciousness but that is a small part of our total consciousness. It is the top of the iceberg, look at all the 6-7 billion people on the planet.

Most of them think they are solely their waking consciousness and that they are truth. They are but…they are a small part of the whole, just as you are a small part of the whole.

Yes the small contains the infinite, just as a raindrop contains part of the sea in itself but do not be mistaken the difference between the two.

Philosophy can make your life miserable or a joy from heaven. Our task is to find the right philsophy as the wrong philosphy will surely make us suffer more than what is necessary.

The false philosophy is to see us just as material beings, the ego. It is a very limited perspective. Yes the ego is necessary for our survival in the “game of life”, the physical matrix we live in.

Let’s go back to the basics: everything is energy. The physical density that we see is energy vibrating at a low enough frequency for our human eyes to see.

Wisdom is when we have chosen to become an instrument for the divine. Our parents, children have their own ego which is like cosmic music otherwise we would be all the same. The fall is ego not in harmony with the cosmos, this is indeed tricky.

There are infinite music variations. When we go through the process of individuality, having a certain ego we can decide to serve a greater purpose, harmony, love, the cosmos.

When we create dis-harmony through extreme greed, selfishness, sealed… this is the fall.

I think it is for humanity good to define the difference between the false ego and our true self. If we were all the same we all would be machines or programmed to serve.

The separation is not outside the plan of the cosmos, depending on our level of consciousness our soul will one day orbit closer to source or further from source.

Being totally one with source is no ego but ego in the sense of i love your/ my partner’s beautiful unique kind character is not evil.

It was very unselfish for the Universe to let us choose instead of my way or the high way.

As a human we are never free from physical limitations but we can live a life in flow through enough rest, meditation and game time. False identification is when we neglect the physucal aspect or the spiritual aspect.

Remember succes in the game of life means destroying boundaries, learn from people who are better than you in certain areas. Hang out with them, perhaps team up with them.

Higher freedom on earth is sometimes a team effort, greater progress yhan your own. For money we depend on our customers, even your boss if you have one.  Learn, connect, look within, connect.

Learn to play the game of life with certain detachment.