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Employment is modern slavery. This is something that most people would not say, especially those who are the employers. In ancient times, pharaoh utilized the labor of other people to make him richer and richer while they always had to work to earn their keep. In modern times, that has not changed much in society, except that laborers are being paid in terms of money. You will never get truly rich by working for others because you are trading time for money. You won’t get both great wealth and freedom.

Systems are set up to harness the energies of the masses for productive use. Formal education is one such system where the masses are being trained up to enter the marketplace as a workforce. Formal education does not train people to become wealthy or business owners. Only self education and experience does that. The system is not wrong because it creates order and harmony for everyone, especially for the elites. Society would be in chaos and disarray if things weren’t done to control the simple.

Most people are unwilling to make the effort of creating their own systems, which is why those willing are the ones who create the systems for others to work in instead. It is a simple thing to learn a skill and then go and get a job and get paid for it. There is not much thinking involved and a lot more security in the short term. But it is a very different matter when it comes to create a business or to pursue one’s own dream of grandness. There is a lot of thinking needed and one is threading where no path exist.

It takes intelligence to become one’s own boss and manage everything in one’s own business. To be a ruler, one must take charge of one’s own thinking and to rule over one’s own affairs wisely. This is a quality that is possessed only by the intelligent. That is why many who hope to become their own boss will not be able to do so, as they do not possess the qualities required for such a function. He that does not control his own reality well shall inherit nothing and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.

The intelligent do business with other businesses. They may not even need to employ people and therefore free themselves from the hassle of having to manage people under them. They simply enlist the services of other businesses, automatic systems or technologies to help them with many tasks while they focus on the work that they desire to do. God tells us to increase more and more, to live a quiet life and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands. This is wealth and freedom for all.

The world economy would change in a system of free agents. Right now it may seem as though people need to be working for others, otherwise there would be no one to employ. But that is only because most people do not do not do anything to change the system although they might wish there was a better system. There’s a better way to do things and that way is one where everyone is their own boss, and they get paid not for time but for value that they provide. They work for others as partners in wealth.

If people started to do more thinking, they would work on finding ways to change reality so that they can do more and more of what they truly wish to do. People would focus their minds on creating systems and technologies to replace labor, so that they can focus on creative work instead. God made man to have dominion over the world and not to have the world rule over us. We should not be enslaved by the world, but rather we should change the world in to a place that works hand in hand with our passions.

When the people are kept contented in their designated places, they can be made to do work without much hitch ups. The truth of the matter is that it is a form of covert slavery. If everyone is happy with it, no one would question how wrongs things are. It takes a certain amount of discontentment to push the average human to move out of the system of average economy in order to create prosperity or success. You must use your feelings to compel you towards greater things that are yours by divine nature.

The crown of the wise is their riches. The Bible did not say that the crown of the wise is in their health or their relationships. It is much easier to be healthy and simpler to have harmonious relationships than it is to create great riches. Regarding health, one needs to take care of the body which is in direct control. Regarding relationships, one needs to handle a few key people in their lives and don’t worry about the rest. Regarding wealth, one needs to relate with the masses and the world in beneficial ways.