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The principle to increase in prosperity is to always be gathering. There is no reason why a person should ever stop. This does not mean that we should be miserly, trying to accumulate more and more to hold, but that our thought should so enlarge that it can not help gathering more and more, even though with the other hand, we are ever distributing that which we gather. Indeed, the only reason for having is that we may give out of that which we have. We’re here to be a conduit of abundance in expression.

No matter what big thing happens to us we should still be expecting more and more. Even when we think that we have at last arrived, right here let it be but a beginning for still greater things. No matter how large the picture that you hold in mind, make it larger. The reason why so many people come to the point where they stop is that they come to a point where they stop growing in their own minds. They come to a point where they can see no more, thinking that because they have done enough to continue.

We must watch our thought for signs of inactivity. Nothing in the universe ever stops. Everything is built on a boundless basis, drawn from a limitless source, come forth from an Infinite sea of unmanifest life. We speak forth into this life and draw back from it all that we first think into it. Life is always limitless, and the only thing that limits us is our inability to conceive mentally, and we should draw more and more from that limitless source. Keep on creating and progressing. Life is always in constant action.

The key to meaningful life is in enlarging our thought. We can never stand still in our thought. Either we will be growing or else we will be going back. As we can attract to ourselves only what we first have a mental likeness of, it follows that if we wish to attract larger things we must provide larger thoughts. This enlarging of consciousness is so necessary that too much cannot be said about it. Expansion or enlarging of consciousness is for the purpose of becoming and of course having and experiencing more.

Most people get only a short way and then stop: they cannot seem to get beyond a certain point; they can do so much and no more. Why is it that a person in business does just about so much each year? We see people in all walks of life, getting so far, never going beyond a certain point. There must be a reason for everything; nothing happens, if all is governed by law, and we can come to no other conclusion. Knowing the reason why people stop increasing, is the secret by which we can have no limits.

When we look into the mental reason for things we find out why things happen. The man who gets so far and never seems to go beyond that point is still governed by law; when he allows his thoughts to take him out into larger fields of action, his conditions come up to his thought; when he stops enlarging his thought he stops growing. If he would still keep on in thought, realizing more and still more, he would find that in the outer form of things he would be doing greater things. Think bigger to achieve greater.

There are many reasons why a man stops thinking larger things. One of them is a lack of imagination. He cannot conceive of anything more to follow than that which has already happened. Another thought works like this: “This is as far as any one can go in my business.” Right here he signs his own death warrant. Often a person will say, “I am too old to do bigger things.” There he stops. Some one else will say, “Competition is too great”; and here is where he stops. You go no further than your thought will.

All this is unnecessary when we realize that life is first of all Consciousness, and then conditions follow. We see no reason why a man should not go on and on and never stop growing. No matter what age or what circumstance, if life is thought, we can keep on thinking bigger things. There is no reason why a man who is already doing well should not be able mentally to conceive of a still better condition. There is always a greater activity possible. We must keep on with seeing beyond what has come before.

If we always practice this, we will find that every year we shall be growing, every month we shall be advancing; and as time goes on we shall become really great. As there is no limit in that power which is Infinite, so should we keep on trying to see more and greater possibilities in life. We should definitely work every day for the expansion of thought. If we have ten customers a day we should intend to believe that we have fifteen, when fifteen see thirty. This should never stop; there’s no stopping place in mind.

Let go of everything else, drop everything else from your thought, and mentally see more coming to you than has ever come before; believe that Mind is establishing this unto you, and then go about your business in the regular way. Never see the limitation; never dwell upon it, and above all things else never talk limitation to any one; this is the only way, and there is no other way to grow a larger thought. The man with the big thought is always the man who does big things in life. Prove that life is with no limit.

Enjoy what you have, but that doesn’t mean you’ve got to stick with it because you said you liked it. You like it, and love it, but there’s other stuff to do. You’re here in this reality, this reality of yours, to experience as much as you can. That’s why you’re here, because every experience is an opportunity. What kind of an opportunity? It is an opportunity for growth. Those who express their true divine nature are ever increasing in their lives. Prosperity is the path of becoming and having more than you did before.

As the population grows, the economy also grows. The more people there are, the more abundance can be created. When there are less people, there is less abundance that can be created. Think about it like this: there are more worker bees/ants that can build and cultivate a landscape or environment faster and more thoroughly. Everybody’s wealth grows as an overall. But the bigger the population, the larger will be the contrast as well. The bigger the income gap between the poor and the rich will be. That is because the rich can have a lot more people to sell to and earn money from and hence multiply their wealth a lot more. But appearance of poverty is an illusion, because the poor is a relative term when compared with those who are richer.

The poor in a large and more developed population are still far better of than the poor in a small and less developed population. The environment around them is still in a greater state of abundance even if they had no money. Even if they are homeless, they get to sleep in much more comfortable and safe outdoors and use better public facilities, than the homeless that live in kampong area with no such facilities. But too large population can also be a problem, such as having less space, more traffic jams and getting into each other’s space more than is desired. We want access to a huge population, just not within the same physical space. We want to transact with a lot more people but across a distance rather than all squeezed together. This is why development of technology such as the internet, and expansion of territory into more areas of the earth and even making connections with other worlds facilitates greater and greater prosperity.