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When positive situations happen, you feel good and have the motivation to do what you wish to do. But when negative situations occur, you feel bad and in those times, you do not feel like doing what you had planned to do. The secret of super successful people is that they are able to keep doing what they are meant to do in spite of what happens. In order to do that, you must master the power of moving on. When you can move on no matter what, you become unstoppable in achieving everything you want.

The main reason for moving on is so that you do not remain stuck. When negative results occur and you get bogged down by them, nothing better is going to happen. But when you just don’t care about them and continue doing the things that you have purposed to do, you are able to create better results. The secret of moving on is to focus on the intent to move on before the situation happens. If you are in a situation where you are going to check for results, decide beforehand what you will do no matter what.

Many people enter situations with no mental preparation of what they are going to do after seeing the results. If you first set a mindset of moving on no matter what results are, you are better able to handle situations with power. Whether the business deal goes through or not, you are going to move on. Whether the person you are interested in accepts your date or not, you are going to move on. Whether the results you expect manifested or not, you are going to move on. This is the mindset of being powerful.

Many people find it hard to move on because they are trying to move on after the situation has happened. The power to move on is actually a secondary reserve of thought energy you have prepared that you can tap into when needed. When people try to move on without having formed such a mindset prior to the situation, they need to create that power which is difficult to do so because there is a lot of resistance being faced. You would face a lot less resistance if you created the power to move on beforehand.

All perpetual motion depends on momentum. When you have the mindset of moving on before a situation happens, you create a secondary momentum that you can tap into. It is like having two carriages traveling side by side instead of one. If the one you are in crashes into a tree, you can simply hop into the other one and carry on your journey without losing speed. You have the power to move on because you created it before needing it. Without that prior mindset, you would lose momentum when failing.

Success is the ability to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. The only way to do that is to have a prior mindset of moving on no matter what results or situations you experience. External conditions can only stop us when we let them stop us. By having the attitude of moving on, all obstacles become not obstacles. When you meet external resistance with no internal resistance, the external resistance becomes no resistance. Nothing can stop you as you keep moving on towards your wish.

What you worry about is a future event. Pretend that it has happened already. That instantly eliminates you having to dodge it or avoid it. That which you fear is no longer in the future, but it has now happened already. That is all there is to it. The purpose of doing this is that it enables you to face your fear here, right now. It disengages your mind from trying to come up with ways to dodge the fear. This is the first step to freedom. Once you do not have to spend your energy on worry, you are clear to move on.

In terms of space, fear is finite. It occupies a limited space with boundaries. If you focus on that area only, fear can encompass your entire attention to the point that all you are thinking about is your fears and you completely forget that life has many more things that are far greater than the thing you fear. The key is to step back to see the bigger picture. All of a sudden, the thing you fear or is bugging you shrinks to a very small size. You can then move on past it because it has become a small problem.

What you magnify becomes magnified. It is ok to magnify certain things at times to deal with them fully. But remember to shrink them back down again after you’re done and ready to move on. Shrink all your problems one by one to very small proportions, and you will soon find yourself living a life where problems are almost nonexistent. It is the secret of having a problem free life. People having this mentality have almost no problems at all. By shrinking your problems, you shrink your resistances to nothing.

All problems in life are resistances. When you can live life without resistance, everything you desire flows your way freely and abundantly. When you don’t allow yourself to move on, you create more resistance and more of the problem. Moving be like water. As water keeps flowing it either flows around a rock or it cuts a path through it through prolonged and constant force. The only way to resolve a problem is to move on. It will either drop away or you’ll find a way to deal with it further down the pathway.

Fear is dispelled in the light of understanding, of love. You do not get rid of fear, destroy it or run from it. None of these will take it away. Only understanding of the fear will transform fear. When you run away from fear, you are simply denying your own power and responsibility and ensuring that you remain stuck. On the other side of fear is your own denied power. Understand that fear is magnified resistance. Shrink the resistance and you return to a state of peace, surrender, harmony, joy and empowerment.