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Have you ever wondered why two people seem to say the same things, have similar beliefs and ways of seeing things but one fails while the other succeeds? What is happening here? What enables a person to truly achieve something that he desires?

Here’s the insight – it is about having a strong set of coherent beliefs (beliefs that support one another) that override all other beliefs.

The successful person has that, while the unsuccessful one does not. They both have similar beliefs but they don’t have exactly all the same beliefs as each other. It is not possible and it isn’t necessary either. What matters is that they both have the key set of beliefs that relates to the successful or unsuccessful achievement of the goal in focus.

You see, everyone has an entire collection of beliefs present in their psyche, but when it comes to achieving a certain goal, only a key set of those beliefs will determine its success. The key set of beliefs required for the successful achievement of a certain goal might be different from the key set of beliefs required for a different goal.

So when we talk about the same goal that two different people want to achieve, they both need to have the same set of beliefs that are coherent and stronger than other conflicting beliefs. Otherwise one will fail while the other succeeds.

Let’s say you have a total of 100 beliefs in your psyche. Each of those beliefs are related to different aspects of life and reality. Out of the 100, only 20 of those beliefs may relate more to the attainment of a certain goal you desire than the rest. Now those 20 beliefs may not be entirely coherent with one other. Out of the 20, there may be 13 that are actually hindering you from achieving your goal. While the other 7 beliefs are empowering you to achieve your goal. What matters is that, if those 7 coherent beliefs are stronger than the other incoherent and disempowering beliefs, then you will still succeed in attaining your goal.

Because those 7 beliefs form the strong set of coherent beliefs that override all other beliefs, the battle within yourself is won.

In the event of conflicting beliefs, the stronger ones will always override the weaker ones. It is your dominant beliefs that have the true authority over your reality creation.

In NLP, we know that conflicting beliefs is the source of self-sabotage. But conflicting beliefs may only slow you down and not entirely stop you from achieving success. Whether self-sabotage kills you or not, depends on the collective strength of your empowering beliefs against that of your disempowering ones.

Of course the more harmonious beliefs you have and the less conflicting ones, the faster you will be able to achieve success in the area that those beliefs have relevance to.

Here’s another key distinction to discover. Out of those 7 strong beliefs, 2 of them might be the core ones that energize the other 5. So the key in most situations is to deal with the core issues. Get to the core and the essence because that is what leads to everything else. When you cut the core beliefs, you will find that the rest of the other associated beliefs seem to fall away on their own.

This works very well when it comes to eliminating disempowering beliefs. The reverse is true when it comes to building up empowering beliefs. When you simply focus on the core empowering beliefs and you find that more and more empowering beliefs will build themselves around them. Destroy the leader and the rest will scatter. Empower the leader and the rest will flourish.

Talking about the power of beliefs, here is how beliefs work to determine the results that you achieve.

When you are selling a product but you don’t believe in it, you can’t sell it. How can you persuade people to buy something from you, if you don’t believe in what you are selling? That’s a no-go. You must first be sold on what you are trying to sell, because it really shows through. There were 2 sales execs who worked in a travel franchise organization at that time — one was there strictly for the money, and the other honestly believed that owning the franchise was the greatest opportunity ever. In fact, he was working there in order to save up and eventually buy his own franchise. Can you guess who closed most of the sales?

The above paragraph is the psychological level of understanding how beliefs work. The paragraph below is the spiritual level of understanding how beliefs work.

When you see someone accomplish something, you start to believe in that person’s ability. If a product delivers what it promises, you then believe that it works. When you see a “formula” yield positive results, you begin to believe in it. Evidence is essential in order for people to believe. This has led to the saying, “I’ll believe it when I see it.” The proof is in the pudding.

But in spiritual affairs, the opposite is true. “Believing is seeing.” If you believe first, you will see that thing that you believe in manifest itself in front of your very eyes. That’s a testament to the awesome power of belief.

It is belief that makes a product work. A potentially successful product will be made to fail by lack of belief.

All meaning exist in Nature through the Universal Mind. You attract whatever meaning to yourself through the thoughts you think. The key is belief. Conflicting believes impedes action, harmonious ones empower action.