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In God Plane, you can be, do or have anything instantly. On Earth, time depends on source connection.

The stronger your connection to the source, the greater your energy levels will be. This gives you more power to alter reality and manifest what you desire. All intention takes energy to manifest, and the more energy there is, the faster it can manifest.


it is not easy to suddenly shift your vibration and begin thinking and feeling something very different. The law of attraction says that you do not have access to thoughts and feelings that are very far from where you are vibrating. But you can access better thoughts that are vibrationally nearer to you, and then from those thoughts access even better thoughts that are vibrationally higher. Vibrational shifting is a deliberate and gradual process.

When you try to jump vibrational ranges, you are not doing things the natural way and therefore find yourself keep unbalancing. This brings feelings of discouragement that eventually causes you to conclude that you really do not have control of your own life experiences. Doing things the natural way is how you best allow the manifestation of your desires to unfold to greater and greater levels over time.

When you are conscious of who you really are, and deliberately choose thoughts that are in alignment with who you really are, your world will also fall in alignment. Well Being will show itself in all areas of your life. Focus on the inner world of truth more than the outer world of conditions. You can never directly see what you are trying to manifest until it is manifested. That’s why you have to feel your way through. The path of feeling is how you travel in the dark unmanifest until the invisible becomes visible.


The reason why one may experience a mix of wealth and poverty in your life is because of the mix signals one gives out around. Conflicting signals create conflicting results. The dominant signals will create the conditions that you experience more of. Remove all signs of poverty and your reality will be unfolding towards a totally rich one.


When you work at the subtle energetic level you are working at the same level that the Law of Attraction works. You are working on the quality of your “vibration.” Effective manifestation using the Law of Attraction requires that you neutralize your little subconscious devils and raise the strength, quality, clarity, and coherence of your energetic vibration. The subtle energetic level is the core of your subconscious. It not only contains information or ideas, but it also contains activated vibration to those ideas.

Amplitude has to do with the intensity, or strength, of a wave pattern. A strong heartbeat or a loud sound has large amplitude. You can think of amplitude in terms of energetic strength or the intensity of effect that a wave can have in its surrounding environment. By practicing energetic meditation you will strengthen your personal energetic vibration so that it has a powerful effect in your life and in the world around you. The energetic level is your link from the subconscious to real world manifestation.

Frequency describes the number of wave cycles per unit of time. It is a measure of the quality of a wave-like vibration. You can observe the different qualities of different frequencies in sound waves. A low frequency note has a certain feel to it, while a high frequency note has another feeling altogether. We refer to different frequencies of different people or environments when we say that a person or a place has “good vibes” or “bad vibes.” Change your energetic level frequency and everything else changes.

Clarity has to do with absence of noise or interference in an energetic system. Think of the sound wave example again. A sound comes through loud and clear when there is quiet in the surrounding environment. Your personal energetic vibration has clarity when you have effectively reduced subconscious interference. That is why effective intention consists of two main factors which are strength or amplitude of intent and clarity of intent. You have got to demand a thing strongly and clear all limiting thoughts.


Soul intelligence is not the same for all beings. God created each intelligence to be at its level. A dog is a dog and a human is a human.

You have to distinguish different levels of philosophy as well. A dog philosophy written by a dog for dogs should not be used by a human. One such philosophy is that all life is equal when the truth is it is not. You choose what you learn from nature by what you observe in nature. You will get a very different philosophy by observing a docile herbivore compared to a hyper intelligent apex predator. Some dogs may not understand that a human is higher than itself and may try to bring it down. What do you do as a human when a dog is barking at you? You can either kick its ass or ignore it. Many humans think that money is a main measure of success in life. There are dogs that have amassed lots of bones. Imagine that bones are a resource. A human would know that bones are not everything, and if they were to live their life at the human level, they would pursue human level of achievements rather than just dog level of achievements. But sometimes a human may decide that it is more fun to just go along and play this dog game of accumulating bones in this dog predominated world and wait until they are in a human world to focus more on human things instead. A human treats the life of a dog with regard, but it knows it is above a dog.