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Normal space comprises of the mathematics of the third and fourth dimension. The mathematics of the fifth and sixth dimension is called the entelechial dimension. Here reality is conceptualized as a series of probabilities before it is manifested in the four dimensions (length, width, height, time) that we are familiar with. The entelechial dimension is one of thought and spirituality, where the physical world cannot exist. The real secret of creating magickal change in physicality is through entelechial space.

In an attempt to produce a unified field theory, melding the physics of subatomic particles (quantum mechanics) and gravity (relativity), the late professor Burkhard Heim postulated that the key to understanding the relationship of these two phenomena lay outside four-dimensional space (length, width, height, time). He called this realm “entelechial” spaceHere was the realm of creation, where subsets of probabilities were sorted before a final outcome was manifested on the physical plane as real events.

Interestingly, it has been observed by physicists that at subatomic levels human thought can greatly influence the outcome of an experiment. Thought has an energy which affects the potential outcome of reality by influencing probabilities in Entelechial space. This is why thought, through prayer, meditation, will, etc., can have an overwhelming effect on observed reality. Magick is about probability enhancement. Everything works according to universal laws and move in directions allowable by them.

Entelechy is derived from én (in), télos (end, or purpose) and échein (to have). Entelechy means to have an inherent purpose. It is the entelechy of an acorn to become an oak tree. Entelechy is the vital force that guides what we are, and all life forms, are growing intoPrayer or intention requires entelechies or vital forces. When you do magick, you are sending vital force or the entelechy required to move things into a desired pattern of unfoldment. The vital force is your thought force and emotional power.

The emotion of desire is the core element that influences the outcome of probabilities. In the astral world, desire is action. Your emotion of desire immediately moves the thing you want towards you and you towards the thing. The emotion of desire is the life force, vital force or entelechy. To live is to desire. Desire is life. Only the dead have no desires. To influence entelechial space, visualize the image of the outcome you want clearly in your mind, and send strong desire force and willful intent to actualize it.

This vital force when sent out will last for a period of time. This is why people observe results manifesting into their lives for awhile after they have prayed (intended). But the vital force or intention work has to be sent out again and again from time to time to repeat the cycleThis energy does not last forever as it will dissipate, be used up or cleared away by other energies. The vital force has to be re-supplied by act of power and magickal will. Utilizing Polarization can be used to neutralize law of rhythm in life.

In magick, all you need is to focus on consciousness and energy. When you set those two factors right, you can allow the outcome to take care of itself. Magick is higher action, and your intention will set your reality in such a way that your actions will be guided or set towards successful ones in natural and spontaneous waysWhen you use magickal means to obtain your desires, it would seem as though things happen on their own. That is why it is important to remind yourself that it is your own creation.

There exist an infinite number of parallel universes. The quantum waves transmit information reaching from the past into the present time, and from the future into the present time. We should be able to ‘speak’ with the future as clearly as we ‘speak’ with the past. The existence, as we know it, is a subset of the reality we are unable to know. By speaking with the future, you’re shaping entelechial space so that the outcome you want will eventually manifest. Entelechial space contains simultaneous time.

The two things to control are time and probability. When you can control time and probability, you can control everything. Magick is the art and science of controlling probability to manifest intended outcomes. Time includes probabilities of past, present and future. Normal magick can influence the future. Advanced magick can influence reality even from the pastIf you can control how things were, you can control how things will be, which creates instant reality shifts in the present. Things are rearranged.

Think of timelines instead of time. Think of switching universes. Concentrate and focus on being in the timeline where past, present and future has been the one where your desired reality existsYou will see your immediate future results show up as though things have always been this way. This is the true secret of miracles and instant transformation in life. This is how you make a windfall happen, cause someone to appear in your life or overcome a phobia that would take quite some time in normal way.

Time travel requires power. Think of time travel as moving in entelechial space. Your thought and emotion supplies the power. Your higher consciousness moves through entelechial space where past, present and future probable states exist simultaneously. As you focus your attention anywhere, you move there and influence and change things. When you return to normal physical attention, it seems as though you didn’t do anything. But reality has shifted and there are many subtle differences around you.