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There are times when things have to get worse before they can get better. A person might have to leave or be fired from their current job if they are to obtain a better joy, be compelled to start their own business or enter their true vocation of their calling. Sometimes a person might leave or lose their current relationship if they are to create a different relationship, even if it’s to be within the one they are presently engaged. This is the act of undergoing dark times in order to emerge into a much better state of life.

We see the process of metamorphosis in the natural elements. Sand must be exposed to extreme heat to transform into molten glass. Coal must undergo extreme heat and pressure to be turned into diamond. This is very much what is required to happen in our lives as well. An object is turned into something else that is of greater use and value. We may fear that we’re losing who we’re when we are actually becoming a different and better person. We’re still the same in essence but new in form and function.

At times like these, it seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be chaotic and frustrating but it is really a good sign. When your whole world seems to rock on its foundation, hold on steadily and let it rock because when the rocking is over, the pieces of the puzzle would have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart’s desire. So this is a really wonderful thing because no matter how tyring the times are you ultimately end up closer to what you want than ever.

It is our resistance to change that causes a negative spiral. You may have set the best intentions for your dreams and desires. You took positive action while maintaining a positive expectation. You may have put yourself into a high state of vibrational harmony by feeling unwavering faith. You may have embraced the essence of your being as unlimited and you have maintained your connection to the source even though the signs and circumstances around you have been contradictory. And then, it happens.

As if by the strong currents and the magnetic swirl of a black-hole, you find your entire world being sucked into an upside-down, inside-out tunnel of ridiculous, unfortunate accidents, communication breakdowns, emotional plunges and cognitive dissonance. You wonder what in the world is going on. This is the time to stop wondering and to start creating. Anyone can feel good under good conditions, but that’s not really practicing deliberate creation. That’s just a natural perpetuation of what’s already going on.

That’s like looking at a good harvest, and feeling glad that you have bumper crop. It’s not about creation. It’s just about responding to conditions. It’s just about offering a vibration in response to what you are seeing. But when you are able to offer a vibration that’s different than what you are seeing through the act of making yourself see something different than what’s most dominant before you, that’s when you’re a deliberate creator. True faith is challenged only when things seem to go from bad to worse.

By choosing to relax into the rapids instead of fighting the current, you may find yourself enjoying the ride and laughing at the changes as you eventually land on the other end of the flood. And, if you found a way to trust in the Divine Order, you’ll now find you have more of what you want, not less! That is why detachment is so important as part of the manifestation process. It is our struggles and worries that block what we want from coming. In the place of no expectation, we’re able to manifest all possibility.

When you become a force of nature instead of fighting the forces of nature, the worst thing an unforeseen event might do is delay the inevitable attainment of your goal. You view success and failure with an unwavering detachment. Your intent is so firm that all you know is your goal will be accomplished. Time is of no consequence to you because, like a god looking down from the heavens, eventually all will transpire as you have intended it and neither the winds, the waters nor the wills of man can stop you.

Friction is not an enemy but a natural element which, like the weather, we can sometimes predict, but seldom control. Fighting the friction of life is as futile as fighting a hurricane so instead let it become your teacher as you become it’s most compliant student. What it teaches is the endless value of flexibility and being able to adapt to changing situations. There will always be friction therefore there will always be lessons to learn. Focus on what you can control not on what you can’t control, to be happy.

Moving be like water. Every obstacle is to redirect you in a better way to go. The ultimate success formula is to keep trying something different until you get your end goal. If at first you fail, try and try again with something different. Success is moving from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. The truth is there are no mistakes in the universe because everything is happening according to God’s perfect plan. Every discovery you make serves to make you surer of your abilities and the results you create.

To become a Force of Nature you must abandon whatever doubt you have about whether or not you deserve to have what you deeply want. You will get what you want if you are clear on what you want, and if you know how to follow your inner guidance in getting it, and if you are absolutely willing to do each step that it guides you to, and if you are flexible enough to embrace and adapt to the friction of life. What you deeply desire is inspired by spirit and the path of attaining it serves as your spiritual evolution.