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The Big Bang: did the physical Universe come first (egg) or the chicken representing the eternal mind/ being?

There are two things you need to keep in mind about creating your reality. The first thing is that you need to create it consciously, and the second thing is that you need to create with power. You cannot create when you aren’t conscious or when you are doing it without power. You must be conscious that you are a creator and that reality is being created by you. You must also be conscious that you have the power to create and because you are conscious of the power that you have. It is conscious power.

Bring back to conscious awareness that you are the creator of your reality and the director of outcomes. It means that when it comes to key points during the day where your future pathway can go in different directions, you can direct which one it branches into. The Greek word for judgment is “Krisis.” It means the turning point. You can have boldness in the Day of Judgment because you can direct where things turn towards. Take some time during the way to consciously direct where the future shall turn.

All power is within and is absolutely under your control. There is no power outside of you. The key to accessing all power is to realize that all power is within you. The only reason why people are powerless is because they think that power is outside of themWhenever someone moves into a state of power, it is always because they found the power within them. This is the great secret of having or not having power. And because power is within, it is absolutely under your control. This is the secret of control.

Your feelings create your circumstances. It may seem as though your circumstances create your feelings. But the primary event is that how you feel creates what you experience as reality, and then your experience affects how you feel as well. This is a form of feedback loop. If you want to know whether the chicken or the egg came first, it is the chicken. The chicken produces the egg which reproduces the chicken. Your feelings create your reality which then affects your feelings and the cycle forms.

The main rule is you get what you concentrate upon. Concentration is the great secret to power. In order to control what you concentrate upon, you must be conscious. Seek to polarize your thoughts on what you desire. Many people let their thoughts and feelings wander wherever they go without being conscious or in control of them. They are creating by default, which is to be a victim or slave to other forces. To direct your thoughts and feelings at will is to be a deliberate creatorDeliberateness is intention.

Something may have been promised but you must claim it in order to experience it. You must believe you take it in order to have it. Say “This is mine and I take it to be my own.” To take is to appropriate for ones own. Riches are yours, health is yours and freedom is yours. You will only have that which you claim to be yours. Reality does not work in an automatic fashion. It has to be deliberately created. This is a freewill universe. You are a chooser-creatorTherefore unless you choose, nothing happens in your way. Reality follows those who choose and use their will. Everything that happens to you will be the result of the choices of others because you did not choose at all.

Everyone can choose. You do not have to worry about the conflict of choices. When you make a choice that goes against the choices of others, this is not to say that you are not allowing others to choose, but rather you are choosing what you want even if it is not what others choose. As you can see, reality doesn’t follow those who have the most rights, but it follows those who choose the most. Those who choose are the ones who create. To choose is to rule, to control, to master and to live your own life.

The biggest breakthrough is the understanding that you can ask for what you want, visualize it, get excited about it, and then detach from it. It’s not about worthiness. You may believe that the Universe will support you but only if you are worthy. If that is the case, you would seldom feel worthy of much of what you wanted, even though you consider yourself to be a good person. The only righteousness is the righteousness of faith, because righteousness is by faith. Faith is righteousness. You only need faith.

Have an open, free, clear energy state from the heart center, which is also a state of giving to others. It is the state of abundance and flow. This state of vibration attracts prosperity to flow in your reality. When you give, you shall receive. It is more blessed to give than to receive because the giver shall receive much more in return for what he gives. When you give, you put yourself in the flow of abundance. It is not just the act of giving but the attitude of giving that puts you into the flow of receiving even more.

Do not be afraid. Only be strong and very courageous, and you may prosper wherever you go. The attitude of success and prosperity is to be strong and very courageous. Deliberately put on this attitude and you will see reality take on a very different outcome. The attitude of being strong and very courageous controls luck to be on your sideYou will find things going in your favor simply by having that attitude. It seems like you have some form of invisible control over reality and are pulling strings to benefit you.

If life is worth living, it is worth living powerfully. Those who seek greater power are seeking greater life. Those who do not seek to become powerful are not seeking life. It takes power to be prosperous, it takes power to be healthy and it takes power to be free. Power is a must for anything to be created, and the first priority of anyone who wishes to experience good is to become powerful. The key to power is knowledge. It is knowledge that you are a creator and knowledge of the power that exist within you.