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God has appointed a destiny for you. He created you for that purpose. You were designed for it. Your life experiences and all the things that influence you are moving you in a certain direction that you are meant to go. Life would be meaningless without things working that way. It is true that the meaning of life is the meaning we give to it. But it is also true that the meaning of life is inherent in the existence of the universe and our destiny which God created it with. It is all a matter of aligning our thoughts with the thoughts of God in order to experience the perfect meaning of everything.

Some say we have power to create our own reality, that through belief and intent we can and should specify our personal future. And yet experience shows reality is already predicated upon a design more elegant than anything we can specify through our temporal desires. Cosmic ordering doesn’t always work because what you believe or hope for doesn’t always happen and you do not always get what you expect to get.

Others therefore say we should go with the flow and accept what comes. And yet experience shows that while some things are destined, more mundane things are left to choice. Abandoning the responsibility to choose invites the influence of other powers to decide over your life with often unpleasant consequences. Some part of the future is alterable and another is not.

There is destiny and there is free will. They coexist. Destiny is a straight line. Free will is like an oscillating wave above and below that line. You are not forced to live your destiny but you are tethered to it. You can imagine that time has you hooked on a fishing line. You can swim left or right, ahead or back away but you ultimately are getting reeled in. With that in mind, focus on the fact that ultimately you will live out at least some of your destiny. Now think about destiny as a process not a destination. Your destiny is an unfolding story that shapes who you become.

The bigger things in life we cannot change. The smaller things we can. Life is a river whose flow we cannot reverse, yet we have freedom to navigate within that flow. Near the shore we move slowly and roughly, near the center we move quickly and smoothly. We can humbly accept the bigger things and still actively direct the smaller things.

How do you know your destiny? By knowing your desire. Your desires were divinely placed within you. Your destiny is a natural extension of you being. You were designed for your destiny. When you look into your true feelings, you will find that your destiny feels right with you and feels right for you. Your destiny is where your heart is truly moving you towards. Follow your heart and you will realize your destiny.

Even though you have been given a destiny, was created and designed for it, you can still choose whether to follow it or not. We cannot choose our destiny which we were created with, but we can choose our destiny by accepting or denying it. Even if we do not choose to follow our destiny, we will still fulfill it to a certain extent because divine influence arranges circumstances to happen in such a way that our choices and actions still result in the fulfillment of our purpose. The difference is that we may not have been able to enjoy every single one of the blessings that we could have experienced if we had chosen to do what we were meant to do.

No one gets to choose his destiny but everyone gets to choose his fate. You get to choose whether your ending is good or bad, and whether your experience is good or bad. Everyone’s destiny is always good. Choosing to follow your life’s purpose will always bring you to a place of glory, happiness and perfection. As long as you are moving in that direction, watch the universe bless you with all the things you need in order to fulfill your dreams.