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This is why a fourth dimensional concept cannot manifest instantaneously into our space in its complete form, but has to occur over time as an event for us to perceive it. A fourth dimensional concept exist instantaneously in its complete form in the higher dimensional space, but fully manifests in our third dimensional space as events that occur over time. That is why the History in third dimensional reality is His-Story that is playing out over time for us to experience.

When you choose to see that your desire is already in full manifestation, you shorten the process. You do not cause it to happen longer than it should. You do not put in more resistance than there is. You remove the delays. Faith is like a wormhole that brings two different points in space and time to the same point or closer together. It is a portal. What you want will happen in the quickest way that is suitable. In some instances, the fourth dimension is fully expressed in the third and instant manifestation occurs. In any case, the process will always be faster, smoother and with greater ease.

As everything is energy, read everything again about energy. Energy can be programmed, once you are able to do that you are an energy magician and life, perceptions become much more magical.

I call it planting the seeds of the Omega/ Source within yourself.

From the Godplane manifestation is fast. From the lower planes, manifestation is slow.  Draw from the Godplane while playing the human game.