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  1. There are two general states of mind which are the electrical and the magnetic. In the electrical state of mind, your personality is like a highly charged electrical conductor. There is constant giving off of energy on all sides, most of which escapes, performing no work. Objects brought near are first violently attracted, and then violently repelled. Action is sudden, powerful, and inconstant, therefore often ineffectual. The expenditure of force may be in any direction. There’s no continuity of purpose.

In the magnetic state, there is always an attraction of certain things, and always a repulsion of others. The action is fixed, certain, and always in the same direction. There is no leakage, or waste of force. A magnet is a center toward which certain things are irresistibly impelled to move, and from which certain things are irresistibly driven. In order to get what you want, you must attain to a certain state of mind. Having an unwavering faith is the magnetic state of mind. It is something that you have by choosing.

Among people, the electrical person sometimes attracts and as often repels those whose friendship he seeks, but the magnetic person always attracts those whom he seeks to attract. The actions of the electrical personality are often destructive and disintegrating, but every act of the magnetic person is a constructive act. So we must learn to avoid the electrical mental state and cultivate the magnetic state. A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. You must be single minded to be constructive.

Just as physical friction generates electricity, so does mental friction causes the electrical state of mind. Fear and worry is mental friction. You will have fear as long as you have doubt or uncertainty. So long as you have doubt or uncertainty as to the results of your business or relationships, you will worry and fear about failure in them. Where there is no doubt or uncertainty as to the positive outcome of a thing, there can be no fear, worry or mental friction. You must detach to remove fear and resistance.

So long as there is doubt or uncertainty, there must be fear and mental friction which results in the electrical state of mind causing destructive action. So you must eliminate from your thoughts all doubt and uncertainty that you will succeed, and that you will keeping gaining point until you get what you want. You may have some uncertainty as to methods, but you must have none as to ultimate results. See from a higher point and know that your success is guaranteed no matter how long it takes.

You may not feel certain that you will succeed or get what you want today or at a certain time, but you must feel certain that you will succeed and get what you want sometime. Nothing can eliminate doubt but faith, and only certainty can remove uncertainty. You can form the habit of thinking about getting what you want as a matter of certainty. Make the power within you the subject of constant meditation by thinking about it all the time. Keep thinking you can get what you want until it becomes a habit.

Then keep on meditating until you continually feel that you can get what you want. Continuous meditation upon the fact that you can get what you want will in a very short time establish feeling that you certainly will get what you want. When that feeling is established, you will enter the poised or magnetic state of mind. It is not enough to realize that you have within you the power which can. You must feel that you have this power, and the feeling is only established by continuously meditating upon the fact.

You can change your vibration little by little until you arrive at a feeling of absolute certainty about your success. Your personal vibration is the dominant factor as long as you focus on your inner world of thoughts.

A certain attitude of the conscious mind, persistently held until it produces faith, conviction, feeling, will cause the same attitude to be assumed by the subconscious mind. The subconscious is not impressed by thought, but by faith and feeling. Feeling is the result of thought. As you persistently think about anything, you inevitably come to feel about it. Faith is the result of thought. As you habitually think about anything, so is your faith concerning it. Feeling and faith can be manipulated by thought.

You will become conscious that a power outside of you is moving on your behalf. You will find that people and things are arranging themselves of their own volition, in such a way as to help you get what you want. Obstacles will be removed from your path, and favorable combinations of circumstances made. People who never heard of you may be brought long distances to do something which is necessary to your advancement. People who seem to be in your way may be moved out to other places instead.

Business combinations of which you never dreamed will be made, so as to open the way for you. Every obstacle will melt away as you approach it, or you will find a way around it. Move forward in with unwavering faith, and you will get what you want. You are a creator of your reality and you create by attracting invisible substance or energy to come together and form the thing you want. The power of attraction is generated from the magnetic state of mind that is formed by your unwavering faith on your desire.

Perfect Faith is an inner feeling, certainty and knowing that you are part of God, with all of the same powers, and as an infinitely powerful Being all things are possible and will become reality. Faith is based on knowledge. Imperfect faith is because of imperfect knowledge. Knowledge is faith with no doubt. The more you know who you really are and how the universe works, the more you’re able to access and manifest your divine power. A perfect faith comes from a perfect mind. It’s the magnetic state of mind.