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You have the power to view the world the way you want to. You can have your own reality, your own frame on things. The first step to controlling your reality is to control your perceptions. Other people may have perceptions that are different and may try to influence yours. If you want to be a master of creating your reality, you must learn to hold strong in your own perceptions, your own view of things. Let others think what they think, but what’s most important is what you think and how you want to see things.

Strength of reality begins with strength of mind. If your thoughts and ideas about things are weak, the integrity of your reality will always be shifting. You must hold your world together by holding your thoughts together. In one moment, decide for yourself what things are true and clear every other opinion by other people out of your mind. Live according to your established mindset for a certain length of time without changing your mind. After that you may change your thoughts if you’re sure they are wrong.

People often give up right at the point when they are closest to success. That is because they did not have the force of will to keep going in a certain direction until the point where they find out they have been right all along. The flux of life events does not allow one to know he is right immediately. Things may appear to show that he is wrong but they could be just illusions. It is often said that genius is perseverance in disguise. That is because one who perseveres may uncover what’s genuine from the decoys.

Who is to say that a stock price will only continue to move in a certain direction for a certain period of time when it may change soon? Who is to say that you will never have a chance pursuing the person you are attracted to when there may be mutual feelings of desire towards you in their subconscious? Who is to say that this product is not suitable for a prospect when they would eventually buy when a certain objection has been resolved? Keep going to the point where you find out you were right all along.

Of course the virtue of persistence should not be mistaken with the vice of obstinacy. If there are clear signs that the direction you are heading is wrong or that it is unwise to continue, then stop and do something different. You have to be clear about how much loss you are willing to make before pulling out. The key difference between a loser and a wise quitter is that, one quits at the first sign of trouble while the other stays on long enough to gather enough information for the purpose of making a clear decision.

With every failure, there is a seed of equivalent or greater success. There is always something to gain from every situation the intended results are not achieve, and that is information. Success and failure are opposite sides of the same coin. Knowledge of one is knowledge of the other. The coin itself is results. The information you gain is all about knowing what does what. When you know what does what, you are able to create reality exactly as you wish. You know what to do to get the results that you want.

Information takes time to obtain and that is why it is important to give time whenever you want information. Patience is a virtue because patience produces experience and experience produces hope. By pulling out from a situation too soon, you cut short your experience and never gain the information found in it. Hope is confident expectation of good and you can have it because it is based on knowledge of what does what from experience. Successful ones are quick to make decisions but slow to change them.

The strength of your reality determines your power with other people. A person with a weak reality gets drawn into other people’s perceptions of the world. A person with a strong reality is unaffected by other people’s perceptions, and instead draws others into his world. If you want to be a star, you have to shine bright and intensely. Light is Mind. The stronger your thoughts emanate into this world, the brighter you are shining. Be the brightest star in the sky everyone will follow you wherever you lead them to.

Reframe situations in ways that are good for you when others perceive as bad to them. Stay strong in your positive reality while being unaffected by their negative reality. When others complain about the increasing cost of living, be gleeful to know that it is so much better being rich and not having increasing costs matter to you at all. When others lament about the end of the world, rejoice to know how pursuing the path of enlightenment separates you from the ignorant masses and prepares you for the future.

You don’t have to join the rest of the world in becoming upset about whatever they choose to be upset about. You can laugh when others are crying and smile when others are looking depressed. Of course there is a time to mourn with those who mourn and weep with those who weep. But for the rest of the time, most people are mourning over nothing and weeping when there is no need to. If others are foolish, don’t join them in their folly. Wisdom is about staying positive and holding your godlike world view.

Be the one who controls the emotional frame of the conversation, rather than letting the other person be the one who controls it. Success and genius is about proving you are right all along when others are wrong. A magician is someone who defies consensus reality. Realize that in a world of darkness where human stupidity abounds, the only way to manifest genius is with force of will. He who has a firm will, molds the world unto himself. Power to whom power exerts. It is your reality after all, so live it fully.