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Passion is the only thing that can sustain you through the ups and downs of your business or career. The main reason why the majority of start up businesses fail is that the people got into it for the wrong reasons. Success is always something that has to be built up and sustained. When people do things mainly for the money, they would pull out when they do not see expected results in an expected timeframe. Only those who choose to do something because of passion will stick around no matter results.

Society may require you to have success in order to have some form of standing or acceptance in it. But what you are truly here to do is to express yourself creatively in your own unique way. We are all here with a gift to fulfill a certain role. That gift is what we desire to do. You may desire to sing, dance, make music, write, talk, perform, fix things, make things or discover things. Whatever it is, you desire to do it and you enjoy doing it. That is what you are supposed to you and it is the work you should do.

Money and success is meant to be a secondary thing that comes from doing your heart’s work. Money and success may be good things to have, but never let yourself try to make more money and achieve more success by doing things that are apart from your creative self expression. You are here to do what you most want to do first of all. Never be fooled by the idea that it is to make money or to achieve success. Money and success are not creative expressions in themselves. They’re only arbitrary results.

If you started doing something just for the pure joy of doing it and then achieved a certain amount of money and success with it later on, why start allowing money and success to determine your happiness? There are people who make the mistake of doing so. They once did something out of pure passion, and then later they changed what they were doing after they had succeeded in order to make even more money or achieve more success with it. They wonder why they started to lose their former joy.

You must return back to your first love which is your pure creative self expression. Sing, dance, paint, write, talk or perform like you don’t need the money. Always know that as long as you are able to do what you love while making enough money to sustain yourself at it, then that is all you need. You can seek to create more wealth and success through doing what you love, but never let the pursuit of wealth and success overtake the pursuit of your pure passion. If you have to make less, then it’s just fine.

The ultimate aim of life is freedom, and it is the freedom to do what you want, and especially what you want to do most which is your creative self expression. Having more money may bring you greater freedom to do what you want, but if you have to sacrifice doing what you want most to be able to do other things that you want, then you are creating less freedom instead of more. Freedom is a holistic thing and you are most free when you can make money doing exactly what you want and in the way you live.

Success is a lifestyle. It is not the lifestyle which society depicts as success, but it is the lifestyle you wish to have. It is not a lifestyle based on what you have, but it is a lifestyle based on how much of your time is available to the things you want to do. Never sacrifice time for money, but rather choose to use time doing what you most want to do and allow money to come from it, and then to use money to give you money time to do what you most want to do. When you live like that, you truly have everything.

Happiness is a consciousness thing. When you start allowing money and success to determine your happiness, you would become less joyful at doing your heart’s work if the results you want don’t come. Continue living your life doing what you do simply because you want to do it, and allow yourself to be happy because of that. Your state of joy affects the quality of your work, and we are here to give our best gifts to others through our expression of joy. Be happy doing what you want to do and never stop it.

The main thing to do is to grow into a better person. Success and money does not count for anything when you are still having certain flaws in your character, bad habits, wrong perceptions about others and darkness in your consciousness. In fact, the pursuit of external things at the expense of internal things may cause you to miss the purpose of living. Spiritual or conscious growth is the most important of all. The more joy, peace and faith you can feel, the more powerful your inner world has grown to be.

Another key to realize is that you can still do what you love even when you’re dead broke, deep in debt or bankrupt. You’ll sooner lose your stuff than take on work which does not allow you to express your creativity. Have the attitude that whether you live or die, you will stick with it. Never change that attitude even after you have succeeded because it would only lead you away from your first love. If you had nothing to lose in the beginning, you still have nothing to lose when you succeeded. Follow your heart.

When you love what you do, it is not just a business or a career, but it is your life. The line between work and play is blurred when you do what you love. If you were broke, bankrupt, and homeless and couldn’t spend any money, what activities would give you the most joy? Are you centering your life around those activities today? The richest person is not one who has the most money, but it is one who does not work at all and yet is able to live life completely doing what he or she most desires to do creatively.