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Stop chasing the thing you want and start experiencing the essence instead. The only way to shift from lack to fulfillment is to focus the one and only thing can actually give you what you really want. That is the essence of the thing itself. The essence is the emotion you actually feel when you have the thing. Focus on the emotion first and foremost. It is the emotion you feel that attracts the thing you want. You might want the thing to change how you feel. But you must change how you feel beforehand.

When you can feel the emotion you’ll have when you are in possession of the thing you want, then you will attract it to you. That is why in moments when people let go of their desire, they release the feeling of not having what they want, and then what they want starts showing up in their lives. The key to manifesting what you want is to do so without resistance. Our feelings of not having what we want are what create resistance. You have to detach from your mind the thing and focus on feeling right emotion.

When you can free your mind and feelings, you will free yourself to have what you want. The one thing we all want is freedom. Having more things is only for the purpose of allowing us to experience more of that freedom. Freedom is power. When we free ourselves, we regain our power. A state of freedom is a state of power. Power is not just the ability to get things, but it is also the ability not to require them. We are free when we realize ultimate truth. Ultimate truth is that we already have everything we desire.

Ultimate truth is that all time and space are in one point. We are not separate from the things we desire by space or time. The present is not separate from the future time where it manifests. When we realize ultimate truth, we transcend space and time. We are not even separate from the thing we want even in the present moment because it exists in an alternate probable universe and all alternate probable universes are not separate from each other. We can feel that we have what we want anywhere anytime.

It doesn’t matter what results are right now. It doesn’t matter what mistakes you’ve made. You can still deliberately feel that you have what you desire whether it is now at another place, time or alternate probable universe. Remember that all is one, and at a deeper plane of reality, you are not separate from what you want. The outer world is only a projection from a deeper reality. By choosing to feel that you have what you desire, you are influencing the deeper reality to project it forth in your outer experience.

How do you feel when you already have what you desire? You do not feel worry. You do not feel fear. You do not feel doubt or uncertainty. You do not feel any of those feelings you feel when you do not yet have what you want. What you feel is the consciousness of having the thing with you. Think about how you feel when you do not yet have what you want, and think about how you feel when you already have what you want. Know the difference in feeling and you will know what to feel in this moment now.

To be spiritual is to be inner directed. People who are in a truly spiritual state are calm, centered, unworried and poised. There is a certain bliss that they feel as they are able to flow with life without resistance and without effort. They have their consciousness resonating at the true frequency. Spirituality would not be the most important of all things if it didn’t affect all other areas of you life in the most powerful way. When you are in the spiritual or true state of mind, it will be expressed in your manifest world.

You cannot be spiritual and be sick. You cannot be spiritual and be in lack. You cannot be spiritual and be lonely. You attract the things, people and situations based on the frequencies that you are vibrating at. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, and likewise a good vibration cannot draw to you evil manifestationsThis is the law of the universe and when you follow the law, you will always have divine justice on your side. Blessings are on the head of the just. You will have abundance, health and relation.

You attract your experiences with your emotions. Find the feeling place, the essence of what having your desired situation would feel like. Live and revel in the thought and emotions of having it to such a degree that it literally did not even matter that you do not have it yet. Be so consumed with the essence of joy and the essence of delight that you forget all about not having it yet. When you can forget about not having your desire yet and just live in the moment with freedom, you are drawing it in effortlessly.

Until you find a way to feel good about your desires even though they have not yet manifested in your experience, it may seem to you that they’re on the outside of a door that you cannot open. However, as you being to deliberately choose the more positive possibilities regarding the subjects that dominate your thoughts about your desires, you will become a close enough vibrational match for a full manifested receiving of them. The door will open and everything you desire will flow easily into your experience.

When what you want is not happening for you, rest assured it’s not because the law of attraction isn’t working correctly. It’s because you’re not aligned with the vibrational equivalent of that which you desire. It is essential to masterful creation to let go of the thing you want and focus instead on the essence that that thing will give to you. When you feel it moment by moment even though you still have no physical evidence of it, that’s when you’ll manifest it. Keep finding a way to feel good no matter results.