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Intelligent Love is knowing all others are different aspects of the One

February 1, 2018

Intelligent Love is knowing all others are different aspects of the One

  • When you love others, you are loving aspects of yourself.
  • In the beginning, there was only one and there was no other. The one undifferentiated consciousness acted for itself. Even though there are many that now exist which originated from the one, the truth still remains that there is only one. Each being can only act for itself because there is only one Self that exists. All love is self love and it is the only true love there is.

Everyone else is an aspect of you. Your relationship with others is your relationship with other aspects of your self. There is a difference between the ego and the Self. The ego is your individuated consciousness in localized time and space. Your Self is Spirit which encompasses all individuated consciousness in existence. Your Self is the unified consciousness of all that is. There are different levels of Spirit. At the highest level, we are all different aspects of the One Supreme Being. We are God in the flesh.

There is nothing wrong with others. The problem is with you. Realize that any problem that you experience with others is a problem that is experienced within yourself. In the mirror of relationships with others, you get to see yourself. The way to resolve any problem with others is to resolve it within you. If you have a problem with the faults of others, the solution is to find those who do not have those faults, or develop a way to work with their faults. Remember that you are the power and creator of your reality.

You have the power to choose who to relate with and how to relate with them in every area of your life. Choosing who to spend time with and what to do for them according to your own purposes and agenda is an act of self love. By putting your self first, you are putting God first. That is because you are playing your divine role perfectly and so automatically benefit others in the greatest way. Live for your own mission and not for that of another. By acting in ways that are true to your self, you love in the best way.

All external problems with others are internal problems within you. Something within you that needs to be healed will always be projected into your external circumstances until you heal it within. You may solve the problem in one situation but it will reoccur in another one and another, until you resolve it at the core, which is that part within you that needs healing. Resolving a problem with a certain fault with a certain person within you will resolve your problem with all other people who display that same fault.

If you have a subconscious blockage that you are not aware of that is sabotaging your desires manifesting perfectly, it may be necessary for a situation to be brought to you that allows this hidden blockage to rise to the surface. This happens so that you may resolve it permanently by redefining who you hold yourself to be, in the light of love and not fear. Love embraces while fear rejects. Fear based solutions are temporal while love based solutions are permanent. Embrace your fears and you will be free.

Negative situations allow your hidden blockages to rise to the surface. So at times, when such situations arise, you may actually think that you are going in the opposite direction to your desire, while in reality you are actually being presented with a chance to clear your hidden fears by bringing them to Truth and Love. When you face what you fear and no longer fear it, you’re free from it and have peace. Becoming clear of hidden fears gives you peace and empowers you to live in harmony without resistance.

You do not love others because they need to be healed and benefit from you. It is you that needs to be healed. They provide the opportunity for you to love yourself. When you love yourself, you are complete and no longer need anything from others. When you love yourself, you’re able to accept others as they are. You’re only hurt by others in areas where you are lacking love for yourself. Loving self is automatically loving others because self and others are one. From a place of self love, you have perfect love.

What you see in the world, you are seeing in you. Love every aspect of your Self. Learn to live in the totality of it all and flourish with the negatives. Know that the weak make you strong and the poor make you rich. Contrast is for fullness of experience. In the absence of that which isn’t, that which is, is not. There is nothing wrong with the world. Everything has its place. Long and short define each other. Opposite faces form the same coin. Live and let live. It’s more joyful to be the change you wish to make.

Choose what you wish to see. See abundance even when others see lack. Do not buy into other people’s perception of reality. Remember that reality is defined by seeing. Nothing is true, everything is permitted. Everything that can be imagined, is real. You do not have to change what others perceive. You only need to take care of what you perceive. It is all about you because there is only you. You do not help the poor by seeing their reality. You add abundance to this world by perceiving reality as abundant.

There is no other, there is only one. You are the One. It gives you such a liberating and joyful feeling when you realize the only thing you need to do is for yourself. Teach not because others need to be taught, but because you love teaching. Give not because others need to receive, but because you love giving. Do everything for your own joy and satisfaction because this is exactly what God does. In that space, what you do is perfect. Live in the blissful state knowing that you’re here to live the life you love.

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