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Entering Higher Consciousness levels and then Setting Intentions

February 2, 2018

Reality is made up of different levels of consciousness. The physical plane itself is a level of consciousness. The belief that we can influence reality with our mind does not belong to the physical level but the spiritual level. The act of setting intentions successfully has to take place at a different level of consciousness from normal reality. The reason why people fail in setting their intention for successful manifestation is because they do not enter the appropriate level of consciousness required for it to be made.

At the normal level of consciousness in physical reality, it is apparent that things cannot be affected without a physical connection. Thus it is a physical rule that physical action can affect physical things and events. To use your mind to affect physical things and events, you have to do so from a different level of consciousness. It is about winning by changing the rules of the game. You have to intend from the consciousness that all things in reality are fundamentally mental. You can influence from that level.

Remember that mind creates reality. Your state of mind about reality will determine its rules for you. If you realize that everything is consciousness, you will see through the illusion and can access your true power at will. Realize that things are not in and of themselves but they are made of thoughts and can be changed by thought. This is the truth that you must constantly maintain in your mind in order to possess the right state of consciousness to influence things. This is the constant awakening mindset.

A problem cannot be resolved at the same level of consciousness that observed it. We must move to a higher level of consciousness. You must see from a level of reality where the rules of physical reality do not applyConditions are immaterial and you can create anything by thought. You exist in the divine state where abundance exists and there is no lack, no limitation and no scarcity. You are everything, can do anything and have all things. This is the divine level of consciousness where you truly exist.

Remove yourself from the same level of your problem. When you have a problem it should serve as a guide to what you really want. The thing which troubles you is a problem because it is not what you want mainly because it does not bring you any joy. First you should always, always ask yourself, “What would I rather have?” Always know what you want before you begin to pray. In doing so, your focus will be on what you want. You will not be praying your problem away, but praying for what you want.

When a magician is identified with a false identity, and thus false will, he/she is so locked into 3D space/time illusions that the accessing of 4D consciousness necessary for true magic to manifest is difficult, if not impossible. Reaching the required level of vitality, present centeredness, chakra attunement, and mental focus necessary to transmit a tuned pranic intention is very often a hit-or-miss proposition. The desired manifestations are often: access denied. One must break through the illusionary state.

All effective intentions take place in fourth or higher dimensions. Self-limiting belief systems must be released before desirable outcomes can be even recognized. You must not accept the situation as it is. You must choose to see what you believe is possible. If people say that’s the way it is or things cannot be changed, you must defy them. A magician is one who defies consensus reality. That’s why what you do is magic. You’re able to hack the matrix and cause changes that are according to your will.

Enter the Heavenly states when you pray. Prayer is communication with God, The Divine, The Universe and all that is beautiful, pure and miraculous. You can bring Heaven exactly where you are by using your creative mind to visualize a pure place of heavenly love. When you bring your mind to that heavenly state you are no longer in the world of your problemAll of your being begins to vibrate on that higher frequency. The negative worldly conditions do not exist as they give place to higher awareness.

In that pure moment you are no longer sick. You are no longer poor. You are no longer lonely. You are no longer troubled. You are no longer in debt. You are no longer without ideas or opportunities. You are no longer unloved. You are in perfect health. You have complete riches. You have all the companionship you desire. You have more than enough. You have lots of options and ways by which you can do things and get what you want. You have the love you wish for. You are enforcing divine will in reality.

In the heavenly state your thought vibration begins to resonate with pure God power. Your ability to attract and manifest the “impossible,” becomes possible in that heavenly state. You must first recognize it as so. Your spiritual perception determines your spiritual power. Knowledge is power and what you can sense, you can make use of. In the realm of all possibility, let your intention be set. You are making use of the law of pure potentiality. This is creation from the void, the emptiness of all reality.

Remember that when things start to happen in your life it is the universe arranging things that will be for your highest good. Always remain positive in mind. Never let negativity come near you. Clear all your resistance to zero. This is how you purify yourself for successful spiritual manifestation and magical work. Be in the magical and divine state of mind. Believe that spirit is for you and that everything is working for your highest good. Acknowledge the divine reality, set your intent and see magic result.

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