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We are taught to look at the success capability of people based on their track record, proven systems and past achievements. Those criteria help us to know how their level of qualification in the work that they do. It may seem like a good way to base our judgments of a person’s success ability upon, but the problem occurs when we use that same way to judge our own success ability. When we do not have those criteria or are inadequate in them, we disqualify ourselves from creating what we desire to.

Using past achievements to determine success ability alone is flawed. Confidence should be based upon the idea that  you are capable of doing something, not because you have already done it. If confidence comes from having already done something, then you probably would never even get started. All successful people did not have all those past achievements to base their success ability upon when they first started. The only thing that they needed to qualify themselves to act was their desire to do so.

Every new achievement and advancement that you see in the physical world first did not exist at all. There was no existing model to duplicate or prove the certainty of its success. It began as an idea in the mind of the inventor or the creator. In fact, all things in creation first existed as ideas alone. Everything exists as pure potentiality. It is through the field of pure potential that processes spring forth to manifest physical things. This is the essence of success, it is based on potential and not on achievement.

When you first start out on your path to success, you have nothing to show. All you have is an idea or a concept. You may question who are you to express such a thing when there are many others who are more qualified to do so. But the truth is that you are not the one creating anything. It is the idea or the concept that is seeking to express itself through you. You are here to be a channel for the work of God to manifest through you. Therefore it is not about being qualified but it is about being chosen.

There is a logos by which everything is created. All matter is energy in-formation. It is the logos or information that in-forms the formless energy what form to take. Logos is the foundation of all that is. The inner world creates the outer world. Knowing this truth liberates you to create from nothing. If you can conceive and believe it, you can achieve it. Everything is created by thought, therefore whatever you think you can do, you already have what it takes to succeed. Your thought is already the achievement.

Your actions do not create anything. Actions only serve to bring into manifestation what thought has already created. If you think success, you have already succeeded. Your actions will be subconsciously guided into producing success. If you think failure, you have already failed. Your actions will be subconsciously guided into producing failure. Past success does not equate future success, neither does past failure equal future failure. Every act is a new beginning and is directed by the thoughts you hold.

Everything that you observe in the visible world is only an appearance. It is only energy held into form by intention. So what you are really seeing is nothing at all. It is the emptiness of all things that is the spiritual essence. Out of the void everything springs forth and when something is dissolved, it returns to a state of pure potential, ready to take on another form when consciousness wills it to. The void is the source of all creation and when you create from that space, you can create anything and everything.

When you seek to create something new, there is no proven system or achievement to base your credibility upon. If we base our creation on what’s already been done before, then we will only create more of the same things. It is those that break free from the tried and tested in order to try new and unproven things that are able to find better ways of doing things. Security confines people to the same old results. It is the realm of uncertainty where alternate possibilities exist. It’s where there are no limits.

Knowing that your thoughts are your basis for success is what gives you the power to talk about success when you don’t have success, and to talk about wealth when you don’t have wealth. The entire world was spoken into existence at the beginning of time. It begins with pure faith and expressing the things you believe in. Your thought  is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Your creation already exist in the invisible world and is not any less tangible than the visible world.

Who is to say that you cannot be a success coach when you do not have success to qualify you as one? Who is to say that you cannot be a wealth consultant when you do not have wealth to qualify you as one? Who is to say you cannot do anything at all when you do not have past achievements to qualify to do so? There are people who may say so, but you do not have to abide by the rules and limitations set by them. They base creation on achievement but the true origin of all creation is based on desire.

So seek to do what your heart desires to do without needing permission from anyone. Have no rules and no limitations about what you will or will not do. The extent that you free yourself from limitation is the extent that you will be wealthy. The desire that you have within you is the direction of the universe working in you. Allow the work of the universe to express itself through you and you will see the creation create itself through you. You’ll find that who you are is infinite, unbounded and capable of all things.