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In the realm of the absolute, there is only peace, wholeness and perfection. Unity is the law of the absolute. But in the realm of the relative, the law of polarity exists. God is above the pair of opposites, which means above the law of polarity or duality. The law of rhythm is next in the realm of the relative, which signifies opposites swinging from one to another in cycles. Both laws are there ready to stop all human endeavors, to destroy our works and thus prevent us from progress. We must transcend these.

When we set an intention, we immediately create its opposite to rise up against us. We make a positive statement and immediately the silent opposition of the negative rise up from nowhere. We usually have all kinds of difficulties performing that which we intended to do. When we make an individual statement, even though a positive one, we simply state it from a human point of view and we back it up only by our own limited forces. We must make them from a divine point of view knowing we’re divine creators.

Positive statements can be made in such a way that nothing can destroy them, if we say with God’s help or with the power of the universe. That’s because neither God nor the universal power have opposites. The great principle is one and all. The other way to neutralize the law of polarity is to continually refuse to see the negative. Cast your weight in the positive side of the scale by seeing something good even in the most unpleasant things. The law will be diminished until it ceases to operate in our lives.

Action and reaction is another manifestation of the law of polarity. When people have been going in a certain direction for some time and reached a certain limit, they turn around suddenly and go in the opposite direction, to return again to the first one, and so on indefinitely. After being very spiritual for awhile, a person starts focusing on the material goals. After being materialistic for awhile, a person starts seeking spirituality. Anyone who does not balance will keep swinging between opposites due to polarity.

In the ocean, the upward and forward movement of energy carries the wave higher and higher until it reaches a culminant pointThen the law of rhythm entirely reverses its movement and it suddenly turns within and goes all the way down and backwards until it reaches the farthest point back, the point where it started its forward movement. It then starts to go up again, first under the water as an invisible propelling force, then appearing on the surface as a wave to reach its climax only to start again down below.

As the waves of the ocean, so is humanity’s evolution. It goes forward and upwards until it reaches the highest point, then begins to decline into its backwards movement. It goes down with ever increasing speed until it reaches its lowest and farthest point, from which it starts its climb again. All the important work is done in the secrecy of the forward hidden movement before it’s visible in social life. The backward movement is also unnoticeable when it starts, but increases in speed until reaching the bottom.

The backward movement is so strong as to bring humanity to the same point from which it started, and the little gain still made is due exclusively to another law called the law of evolution. Metaphorically, if the human race advanced twelve feet, the law of rhythm throws humanity back eleven feet, eleven and three quarter inches because of the law of evolution counteracting it by some measure. The whole progress is reduced to one quarter inch. That’s the reason why humanity’s evolution has been very slow.

There are certain periods in business when things go well, and periods when things do not go well. In history, certain facts also repeat themselves and thus we say history repeats itself. Successful people master the law. On the downward cycle, they do their best to remain afloat and get through the period successfully. No matter how down we go, we must realize that the law of rhythm can bring us up again. If we let ourselves be so discouraged, we would remain at the bottom like a rock and not be lifted up.

When we are at the highest point, that is the time to be careful. Many successful people started to encounter failure because they took their eyes of the ball by losing the focus necessary to keep things steady. It does not mean to fear the law, but to be cautious, when we see the backward movement starting again. That is the time to use deliberate creation by polarizing yourself on the positive and simply refuse to be carried back. You must persevere in what you already have on hand instead of giving it up.

Law of evolution states that all vibrations tend to rise upward in the scale of eternal harmony. No matter how much the laws of polarity and rhythm try to throw us back to the point from which we started, they do not succeed because of the law of evolution. There is always a little gain on the side of the positive. It strikes in our hearts new courage to continue the struggle and win the fight. It’s the hope that the law of evolution brings to us that no matter what happens, success and victory are ours eventually.

You can transcend the laws of polarity and rhythm by deliberate use of the power of God and polarizing yourself on the positive scale. You shall be above only and not beneath. Hold your consciousness on the positive and the Law of God will override the law of rhythm and the law of polarity in your life. Blessed shall you be in your going up and blessed shall you be in your going down in the scale of the emotional cycles. You can experience good at all times by directing the outcome and detaching from it.