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This collection of youtube videos will help you with a winning mindset. First video is about the secret of belief and the second and third video are practice to win unexpected money as an exercise!

Why did i post video 2 and 3? The creators of the video created a good job in creating luck affirmations next to creating affirmations to win money in contests.

Though i am earning good money with it is perfectly ok to try to draw in pshycic income from more channels for fun. I share the videos because they work for me as i have won some $ with it. Though there are no guarantees that they will work for others, I still think you should try it because i sense an increase in positive mental states and belief.

Do know that you should not be attached to outcome. Listen for some days to let you have a belief that you are a winner!

Secret of belief video 1

Luck genius

Lottery luck