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A philosopher to study.

As a philosopher and lover of knowledge and self development it is good that we study the works of other philosophers. The philosopher i am showing today is called Morgue,  I find him interesting to study and follow but like with all works my advise is to take out what resonates with you at the moment and leave out what does not. This video of him introducing his movement is more than 1 hour.

I find him fascinating as he dares to make a clear statement, makes clear what he stands for. Though you agree with him or not i am sure we can learn from him in the area of certain perspectives that is why we put him here. It is easy to discredit or judge someone’s idea or work; in my opinion, instead of judging the works of someone, take out all the useful and work on it or improve it, making it your own.

The second person you can study is called Michael William Denney
He is devoted to Shamanism, what i wrote above for mr. Morgue
also counts for mr. Michael William Denney