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Our thoughts do not create our reality but our beliefs do. We can have a thousand thoughts going through our mind but not all of them manifest, only the ones that are beliefs. A belief is a thought that is fueled with emotion which is the energy of creation. The subconscious mind is the faculty of emotion therefore conscious thought has no power unless it is also supported by the subconscious mind. A thought only becomes a belief when it has sufficient energy to set the process of creating flow of events.

Reality creation is a process that begins with a thought in mind that is fueled with enough energy to set in motion a sequence of events that will ultimately lead to its complete manifestation. At every step of the way, the flow of events can be interrupted, reinforced or redirected with the present thoughts that come forth. Therefore you can always affect your reality creation at any point of the process. All your reality creation is not done in the past or the future but it is done in the present time of the now.

There are three phases where your reality creation can be canceled. The first phase is when there is not enough energy for a thought to have effect because the intention is too weak. But if a particular thought gets thought of over and over long enough, the energy will start to build up until it starts to set things in motion to manifest corresponding events. Then the energy from the manifested event reinforces the initial thought and the cycle continues, and each situation becomes stronger than the last.

That is why when you think gloomy thoughts out of boredom, although those thoughts may be weak, they start to accumulate energy over time. For a period of time, nothing that is significantly gloomy seems to happen, but then some really negative event happens and you wonder how did that happen since you did not think so strongly about gloomy situations. So be aware of the little thoughts you think about because a whole bunch of little thoughts add up over time to manifest something huge.

The same thing also happens when you think brightly of things. Nothing may seem to happen for awhile and therefore you think it’s no use thinking positively. But if you keep at it, those little thoughts of positivity will build up energy until they cause something really wonderful to happen. This is how miracles are created when a person keeps on believing even when nothing seems to be happening. Every thought has reality creation power and you just need to think long enough for something to manifest.

The second phase where your reality creation can be canceled is when you think a thought, and then you think a counter thought that cancels your first thought. That is why you can always rethink your decisions at the moment you make them. This also means that when you think of a negative thought, you should follow up by thinking a positive thought, not later but at that moment. This prevents negative thoughts from setting a flow of events that you do not want occurring by canceling them from the start.

The third phase where your reality creation can be canceled is when a flow of events has already been set and right before the final event of your intention is fully manifested, you receive a check-in signal by means of a passing thought or feeling of it going to happen, but then you cancel it with an opposing intention. This is why although you’ve been intending something to happen all along, at the last moment before it actually happens, you can still say no, and thereby stopping it from happening.

The check-in signal that comes in just before an event happens is to allow you to confirm your choice. You will always receive warning signals before a negative event occurs. That is why many times after an incident has occurred, you find yourself saying “I knew that was going to happen just before it happened!” The check-in thought or feeling is meant for you to halt the event with a counter thought, but many a times we reinforce the event by focusing on the thought when we should focus on the opposite.

We often feel the emotion of fear at times when it isn’t necessary therefore creating the very situations we fear. The only time we should allow ourselves the feeling of fear is when there is a life threatening situation that is physically real happening in the moment. The fear emotion is a natural response to energize us for action in that situation. We should flow with the fear energy in our action while choosing to think about the best possible outcomes to quickly diffuse the situation or escape unharmed.

Canceling is also the reason why people sabotage themselves when they’re so near success. Just when the very thing they desire is about to be realized, they think they might not deserve it, or that they might not be ready for it. They might even doubt if it is really happening after all this time of not happening at all. These fears, doubts and worries sends an opposing intention to cancel the flow of events or turn them in a different direction which prevents the original intention from completing its manifestation.

Many a times, our desires are already in the process of manifesting but we cancel them before the process is complete. That which is in motion continues to be in motion until something else intervenes. It is doubt, worry and fear that adds an element along the way to change the flow of events, like a random phone call that happens at the last moment to stop a chance meeting that almost took place. That’s why it’s important to hold on to the intention of what you want manifest until the process is complete.

Action step:
1) Download an app on your phone that stimulates positive thoughts, visualisation
2) Go to youtube. visit the youtube channel Rockstar affirmations. Beneath i chose one to listen to.
They have other affirmations like, billionaire and God power affirmations but it is better to train your
mind muscles with affirmations that will not totally disappoint you.

Yes it is good to shoot for the moon and it is ok if you achieve less but luck can not be contained in a box,
like i will earn a billion through X,Y & Z. Most of the times it comes unexpected,
in a different form than you would expect. Have an open and sharp mind for luck!