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In this post you will be introduced to two persons that i follow on youtube. The first is a hardcore
business multi millionaire who will give his secrets and vision on goal setting.

The second person has dedicated his life on the expansion of consciousness. Now why would you
put two quite contrary persons in one post you think?

The secret is not just to learn from one master but several. Pick a winners strategy that works for
you or do what i do, experiment and combine the teachings whenever possible. In life no book
teaches you all the secrets in life nor one teacher.

For a doctor you go to a doctor and a dentist you go to a dentist. That is why it is important to learn
as much as possible about life and then choose and laser focus. Focus is one of the secrets in life of
success, specialized surgeons sometimes earn much more than doctors because they are the one to
go to when you have a very specialized health problem.

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