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Grief & loss is not just about overcoming them, pushing them away. It is about going through stages, healing,
saying yes to life. It is a process.

The beneath first video phase 1 healing, the second video i will explain. It is about healing faster by knowing
Universal truths. Everything is a source fractal of Source, an eternal dance of coming and going. One heals faster
reading through the written philosophy articles within

It is moving to another vibration through daily constant connection with a wholesome source of healing. The second video is about visualising and connecting to a wholesome source from which all fractals come. Bathing in it.

There is no perfect meditation for healing suitable for all. I suggest picking a relaxed energized tune THAT YOU LIKE on youtube or on a mp3 frequency tubes site.

Imagine that the tunes are coming directly from Source entering and healing you as a fractal of the Source. The trick is consistency and creativity within your visualisation. Imagine golden sunrays filling you with the most divine vibrations, moving you to the next stage of vibration. Higher, closer to wholeness, the Source.

I call it phase 2 healing. To have success is combining phase 1 and phase 2 healing.
The knowledge, the theories, the exercises.