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Before you get this link at the end of this post lets do a secret exercise first:

Instead of one future, there are many probable future universes that our current universe can travel towards. Your earnest expectation causes you to move into the future probable universe in which your desire is a reality. The observer creates reality simply by observing. Everything exists as a wave function of pure potentiality until the act of observing causes it to collapse into a localized phenomenon in our space-time reality. Consciousness is the influencing force behind the Heisenberg uncertainty principle.


Expectation is intention. Every thought is an intention. If you desire one thing while expecting another, you are sending out two intentions that conflict and oppose each other. To be completely intentional, it means you think about your desire and expect it to happen. Having all your thoughts in alignment with a single direction will ensure that your desire manifest without complications. The key is to get clear. Know what you want and be aware and in control of your thoughts about it and you’ll move as one.

It is your strongest fears and expectations that tend to manifest. Always remember that it is your dominant thoughts that have the creative power over reality. Command your mental kingdom by using your strong positive thoughts to dominate your undesired ones. Doubt and fear may enter your mind from time to time. It is unrealistic to think that you can prevent your mind from thinking negative thoughts completely. Use the power of deliberate expectation to counteract any fearful thoughts which emerge.

You can look to nature to understand the process of conception, growth and completion. The desire you image is the seed, your occasional closing of the eyes in imagery is the sun, and your constant, though not anxious, expectation is the rain and cultivation necessary to bring absolutely sure results. They key here is constant, though not anxious, expectation. Balance is the way of the master. When your expectation is too much, you become unsteady. Hold on with a light grasp to handle a thing that lives.

The ultimate aim of affirmation and visualization is to evoke the feeling that the goal is already achieved. Feel as though it has already been achieved and your imagery will pull you toward the end result that you desire. See and feel and believe yourself already in possession of the desired results. The key point of successful visualization is to see things, as you would have them be instead of as they are. Close your eyes and make clear mental pictures. Make them look and unfold just as they would in real life.

A mental image is the way everything you want must start. So use your imagination! Picture in it your Heart’s Desire. Daydream it so richly and so clearly, that you will actually believe you have it. In that moment you carry this conviction to your subconscious mind, and in that moment your dream will become a reality. It may be a while before you realize it, but the important part is done. You have created the model or the etheric template. You can safely leave it to your subconscious mind to do the rest.

Set your goal. Forget the obstacles between. Forget the difficulties in the way. Keep only the goal before your mind’s eye, and you’ll win it! You don’t have to worry about the how, the universe will take care of it. You don’t have to worry about what’s stopping you, you’ll find a way to overcome or do without those things. Keep focusing on the goal and somehow you will get there. This is the power of expectation. Never lose your expectation, only keep it lightly as it takes you all the way to realizing your dream.

Besides deliberately seeing in your mind’s eye your intended results, you must also deliberately feel the emotion of desire with it. The universal forces react strongly to emotion and without this emotional component things will not work properly. Your visualization forms the etheric template for physical reality to shape into, but your feeling supplies the energy that creates the magnetic pull.

Imagine you can see the galaxies and star systems as one giant scintillating pool of energy. Then picture yourself as one with this magnificent energy source. Feel it permeate your very being with its vibrancy. Feel it explode into your consciousness with its pure white brightness. Feel it compressing in your mind so that the entire universe becomes one ball of blue/white energy. Now picture the required event happening as you’re connected to this energy.


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