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An important thing to have for the successful manifestation of your desire is a clean heart. The heart is your subconscious mind. Having a clean heart simply means that your subconscious mind is clear of any impressions that might pollute the purity of your intent. If you try to manifest your desire while holding conflicting subconscious impressions, you’ll not manifest what you wish for perfectly. Getting clear is one of the most important steps to send a strong and clear signal for the universe to manifest.

When you have two images in your heart, they will overlap one another. You need to remove one of them for the other to show clearly. Even if you try to paint a new image without removing the old one, it will still show through. Old images are old limiting beliefs based on past related experiences that you haven’t resolved. This is the reason why certain problems recur over and over again even though you are in a new environment, with new people. In order to bring the new in fully, the old must be taken away.

You may wish to manifest a new romantic relationship. You go about visualizing the perfect partner and everything good about the relationship. But you still have old fears and unresolved inner issues which you carry over from your last relationship. What you will actually manifest is whatever you visualized plus the fears you still hold about relationshipsBoth old and new images are projected because your heart has not been cleansed. You must clear your heart of all old related beliefs that you’re holding on.

Whatever you place in your heart is projected outwards to be experienced in the physical world. Your heart is like a projector, with your life force as the light that shines through it, projecting onto the world whatever image is in it. Trying to change the image on the outside is futile. Many people have problems in life that they cannot solve no matter what they do because they don’t realize that the cause is within. Simply change the projection and you will get a different image. Change of heart, change of world.

Whenever you visualize your goals and desires, first start by feeling your heart, putting attention to it. When you are fully centered on your heart, you then start to visualize your desire. Visualization done while your focus is on the heart does miraclesYour heart chakra is the energy centre that connects heaven and earth. Your upper three chakras of inspiration, intellect and will are connected to your lower three chakras of self esteem, sensuality and security through your middle chakra of love and emotion.

When you focus on your heart or energy core centre, you are directly engaging your subconscious power. It is directly painting your desire onto your subconscious and feeling the response of your subconscious directly. It is planting the seed right onto the Clear Light, bypassing the usual analysis and dilly dallying of the ego. It is the act of energizing your desire with love as you visualize it. You can create anything and everything that you desire with love. It sends a powerful force that opens all possibility.

Focus on the region of your heart area. Close your eyes. Feel it, appreciate it, and play with it. You will feel its warmth grow. Feel that power within it rising. Feel it open up and imagine it open up. Remember that the heart is the center of love. Allow yourself to experience and give love in increasing quantities. The energy that you give out is the results that you get. You give of yourself by allowing yourself to feel the love of your desire. Feel the warm love energy expand, consolidate and radiate in the space.

Then think about your intent or desired goal while you’re experiencing that feeling and glow. Whatever you think or say in that moment has a thousand times more power than ordinary reality. You are in a space where heaven and earth are merged in that moment. Hold that state for a while to create a pure and strong thought form which would be sent forth to make what you wish a reality in this world. After you’re done, you would feel charged up with the remaining energy of intent as you continue working.

Remember the last time you had a desire that instantly manifested. If you look back carefully, you will realize that you did not have a limiting belief about it. What you had was a clean heart. You usually have a clean heart when you desire something that you have no past experience with. This is the secret of beginner’s luck. The beginner had a mind with no expectation and therefore a mind which was free. Clearing to zero and becoming empty is the key to accessing this state of no mind and no limitation.

Without a past experience, you would not have any limiting beliefs that were built. Your heart would be very clear in regards to your desire. Limiting beliefs only come up when you have an experience that you deem as negative to you and then adapt a limiting and fearful conclusion about all future similar experiences. To really begin anew, you have to approach each situation with a fresh mind. Allow yourself to see in what way things could be different this time. Desire it, do not resist it, and you will attain it.

Of course having a past experience can also provide you with the contrast that enables you to become clearer about what you desire. By knowing the things that you do not want, you can become clearer about the things that you do want. Use the past in ways that empower your desire and your clarity rather than in ways that diminish your belief.

The clearing process, dropping your limiting beliefs, is important for perfect manifestation. Focus on your heart to know how you are feeling in the moment. When you know how you feel, you can change it. In doing so you can call forth different experiences. You always attract whatever things that you are in a vibrational match towards. Switching to a thought that would make you feel a little better than before would make a world of difference. What you want will come quickly when you have a clean heart.

Clear the frequency and amplify it outwards. Clarity of thought equals clarity of feeling and vibration, which means it is clear of noise. It is increasing the Light by making it clearer and brighter. The strength of the source must be powerful and the medium that it passes through must be clear of blockages. This is how you manifest the Light and Life of Creation/Creator.