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Awaken your Potential through our Private 1-1 Sessions and Weekly Group Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my notice period ?

That is 1 month.

Can I quit every month ?


Do you do future predictions?

No.  We decide not to, despite Toan’s gifts.  The future is multidimensional. He uses his gifts to guide you on your path by giving you advice on how to increase your awareness and strengthening your own intuitive power.

Are there rules what members may post in the Facebook groups?

Yes, be polite, kind, do not promote products or services without asking permission.

Which areas can I Awaken?

Increased Consciousness for improved Health, Wealth, Love, Spirit and Intellect. 

Do members get the same coach every week ?

The main Spiritual Coach is Toan, yet coaches can vary depending on the area of expertise. Toan will invite guest coaches to help you with growth on all areas.